Benefits of SMS Text for Marketing

A majority of internet users today use their mobile devices for browsing the web, making purchases and connecting with their favorite brands. When it comes to engagement, text messages can be more effective than emails or phone calls. Read further to learn the benefits of incorporating SMS text messaging into your communication channels.

It’s Fast

A traditional marketing message sent via email or published on social media usually requires images, graphics or videos for them to work. Unless they’re engaging, chances are the customers won’t bother reading them. Creating these types of marketing messages also takes time and money. 

With text messages, all you need to do is craft an attractive message and instantly send it to customers. It takes literally seconds to send text messages that get delivered instantly to a prospect’s mobile phone. Unlike emails, you don’t have to wait several hours or days for a customer to check their email accounts and read your email. Most of them may not even open yours because these customers may be receiving many emails from other companies. If your emails don’t entice them, they’ll never be opened. 

If you want a faster and quicker marketing message, incorporating text messaging is the best way to go. Choose a platform that can help you add this feature to your website. Better yet, select a platform that has the capability of capturing visitors’ mobile phone numbers to get high-quality leads. 

It’s Convenient

Sending text messages is quick, making it one of the most convenient options. You don’t need to spend hours looking for the perfect image or graphics along with promotional material. All it takes is one message that you can send instantly. 

It Can Help Boost Sales and Conversions

Sending an SMS message gives you the opportunity to respond to customer queries instantly. When a customer wants to know more about your promotions, they can simply send a text message and receive an instant response. By getting a quick response, customers are more likely to purchase from you. 

You can reach out to these customers even when they’re not online. You can send them information about new products or services you’re offering. Just make sure you encourage them to also reach out to you by providing more help options. Perhaps you can tell them to visit your FAQ section or to send follow-up text messages if they want to know more about your offers. 

It Helps You Reach Out to Prospects 

One of the biggest benefits of incorporating text messaging into your marketing campaign is that you can reach out to high-quality leads, anytime, anywhere. As mentioned, your prospects don’t have to go online to check on your products or service. You can send them a text message even when they’re not on your website or social media profile. 

Users Prefer Texts Over Calls

When you call customers at the wrong time, your calls may never be answered. Some customers today also don’t respond to telemarketing calls since they take up their valuable time. Customers are more likely to read text messages because it only takes seconds to do so. They also don’t feel pressured to respond in any way. As long as you craft an effective message, SMS messaging can work. It’s more cost-effective compared to other marketing campaigns. 

To increase conversions or sales, you need a good platform that can help you capture phone numbers. You must also work on creating effective text messages to get better results. Most importantly, don’t forget to include frequently asked questions in your SMS messaging for better customer experience.

How to Capture Phone Numbers for SMS for Marketing and Lead Generation

If you’re selling a product or service online, include an SMS opt-in to the checkout page. You can add a message that says, “Sign up to unlock better offers.” On social media, consider asking your followers to send you a text message to receive exclusive offers from you. Better yet, why not include a big discount offer in the pop-ups? Ask recipients to provide their phone numbers to get the offer. 

Do you want more engagement and conversions? Check out our free whitepaper on SMS marketing. Incorporate SMS messaging into your marketing strategies today. Contact us to request a demo.

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