Warm vs Cold Transfers – Understanding the Differences and When to Use Both

Answering calls effectively is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Not only can the quality of calls increase customer satisfaction and generate more qualified leads, but it can also streamline a business’ telecommunications, allowing it to focus on what matters most.

When a customer calls a business, a variety of departments may be qualified to answer their query. The way the business handles these queries and transfers calls to the relevant department can have a great impact on the customer experience.

There are two main types of transfers: warm transfers and cold transfers. Read on to discover the difference between these and when each might be used.

The Difference Between Warm and Cold Transfers

The two main types of transfers each describe situations when a customer’s call is rerouted to a different department. The way the agents transferring the call communicate and perform the transfer determines what type of transfer it is.

What Is a Warm Transfer?

Also known as an attended transfer, this type of transfer occurs when the agent transferring the call communicates with the receiving department before re-routing the call. The agent might communicate important details about the customer’s original query, thus allowing the new agent to better assist the customer.

Warm transfers can be performed between any two departments, but they most commonly occur when the front desk or main call center reroutes calls to a more specialized department.

What Is a Cold Transfer?

On the other end, a cold transfer takes place when an agent re-routes the call without informing either party. Also known as a blind transfer, this type of transfer occurs most often as part of an automated calling system. These often prompt customers to dial keys based on the department they wish to contact. They can also guide callers to the correct option based on the nature of their query.

What Are the Benefits of Each Type?

While it may seem like a warm transfer is an overall better solution, each type has its own applications and advantages.

Warm Transfer Benefits

Warm transfers are more personal, making them a great choice for a variety of situations where customer satisfaction is the priority. Some benefits of a warm transfer include:

Cold Transfer Benefits

A cold transfer has plenty of benefits to offer businesses and call centers, too. 

When to Use Each Type of Transfer

Depending on the size of a business and other factors, one transfer type might be better than another. For any business that’s experiencing an influx of calls, a cold transfer approach may be best. Similarly, if a business has a receptionist desk that handles all incoming calls, a cold transfer system may allow the receptionist to better attend to all customer queries.

In situations where businesses want to emphasize customer satisfaction, it’s best to stick with a warm transfer approach. Many businesses also opt for a warm transfer approach due to the nature of their products or services. Businesses in health care particularly benefit from warm transfers, as calls often involve highly personal information that needs to be treated delicately.

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