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Join 100s of agencies and referral partners in increasing revenue and making clients more sticky

We work closely with digital marketing agencies to white label Blazeo's products and maximize revenue generation for their clients, making their clients more sticky while building another revenue stream for their agency.

The 24/7 Blazeo toolkit

Live chat

Rely on highly trained, around-the-clock agents to engage with prospects across all your unique chat channels.

Virtual assistant

Engage website visitors with our chatbot when live chat isn’t the right fit to prevent prospects from dropping off.

Appointment scheduling

Move leads down the sales funnel with simplified scheduling proven to reduce competitor browsing and yield more successful conversions.

Voice call center

Answer each call without extra overhead costs using dedicated agents to capture valuable qualification information.

Partner options

Ways to partner with us

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White label partner

Rebrand and resell our products as your own, tailoring ad conversion solutions to fit your unique branding, making your clients more sticky and achieving higher revenue.

Referral partner

Promote Blazeo to your network and receive commission for every new client that works with us.

Common referral providers include: manufacturers, financers, home improvement companies, attorneys, business service providers, and health care service providers.

Supporting agencies of all sizes

Supercharging digital marketing agencies

“Helping our contractors build and run their best business is the cornerstone of the Owens Corning Contractor Network Program. Our Business and Technology Solutions Partner Portfolio is highly leveraged by our contractors to help them meet and exceed their goals. For more than 7 years Blazeo, has been is a fantastic partner helping our contractors leverage technology to maximize lead conversion on their websites!”

Jon Gardner
Senior Leader - Strategic Partnerships & Learning and Development
Owens Corning Roofing | Contractor Team

“Blazeo's suite has completely transformed our approach to our client's customer interactions. Its combination of user-friendly design and engaging features makes it the standout choice for website communication, effectively centralizing our online conversations. As a long-term partner with Blazeo, the team at TLG Marketing is continually impressed by how the platform streamlines our digital communication, significantly enhancing both user experience and the efficiency of the campaigns that we manage.”

Evan Lamont
CEO, TLG Marketing

“We started with Blazeo around 2013. As we grew our client base, it became a significant revenue stream for us. The clients that we signed up, were staying put with chat because of the value added. We analyzed that Blazeo was bringing our clients 30% more leads on average. Blazeo helped us by being a significant touch point in the marketing funnel for our clients thereby making for a more quality lead. One thing we really like about Blazeo is the customer service. They always respond really quickly and they're on top of anything we ask for. They're also always looking for more ways to help us help our clients. I would recommend Blazeo to other businesses or agencies if they're looking to grow conversion off of their site or their clients' websites.”

Sori Ptalis
100 Marketers, LLC

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