Frequently asked questions

What does Blazeo do?
Let Blazeo help ignite your growth. We specialize in turn-key live chat solutions backed by industry-trained live chat agents to help convert website visitors into prospects. We also offer appointment scheduling, retainer signing, and US-based voice call centers so you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers.
Why should I choose Blazeo over the competition?
We've delivered 15 million+ leads to over 35,000 businesses. At the forefront of technology, we develop and create new, improved products to increase conversion rates for your website. Our full suite of services helps you grow and thrive - from staffed live chat services for your website and easy appointment scheduling to voice call centers.
Do I need to sign a contract?
Our service is month to month. No long-term contract is required.
How long does it take to set up my account?
Getting started is fast and simple. We’ll have your account set up in 2-3 business days.
How does the chat invitation (widget) appear on my website?
We provide you with a code for your website that has quick, easy-to-install instructions.
Who chats with my website visitors?
We have over 250 live agents available 24/7/365 to take chats on your behalf and turn them into qualified prospects for your business.
What is the difference between a live agent and a chatbot?
A live chat agent is a real person, trained to respond to client requests. While chatbots are powered by a predetermined set of questions and answers that provide little help to the website visitor. Some chatbots use artificial intelligence, which also offers limited information to users. But live chat agents are trained on your business, provide empathy, and help take user questions and turn them into qualified leads.
How do your agents know how to answer questions about my business?
Our agents work off of a customized script for your business. We’re experts at obtaining contact information, confirming interest in your services and quickly passing along lead info for follow-up.
Can I use your software to take my own chats?
Of course! We allow flexibility with our services. To handle your own chats, simply log into your dashboard. Our agents will back you up if you can't reach a chat in time, guaranteeing peace of mind. (Available on most levels of service.)
Does your service integrate with my CRM?
Blazeo integrates with hundreds of CRMs. As long as your CRM provider has an open API, we’ll easily integrate and push the lead data right into your CRM.
Do you offer multi-lingual chat support?
Yes, our agents can chat in both English and Spanish
What hours do your agents work?
Our agents are available 24/7 to take chats on your behalf – whether around the clock or during preselected hours.
Do you offer white labeling?
Yes, we work with hundreds of digital advertising agencies who rebrand and sell our services as their own.
What kind of training do your chat agents receive?
Our industry-trained agents are experts in various businesses and work off a custom script tailored to your needs.
How much input do I have in the script your agents use?
We’re experts in writing scripts for various industries to maximize lead conversion. We’ll customize your script based on your unique business and offerings.
How does your appointment scheduling service work?
Our live chat agents qualify website visitors on your behalf 24/7. Once we qualify a prospect, we offer them the ability to book a meeting with your team based on your calendar availability.
For retainer signing services, what types of cases can you sign through chat?
We only sign the types of cases you want with our Retainer Signing Service. This service works best with cases signed on a contingency basis, primarily with Personal Injury cases.
Do you offer any services in addition to live chat?
We offer a variety of services to help businesses engage with their customers more effectively. Here are the main services we offer:
Live Chat Agents: We provide trained live chat agents who interact with your website visitors in real time. Our service helps businesses increase their conversion rates by 30-40% by providing immediate assistance and responses to customer inquiries.
Virtual Assistant Software: Our virtual assistant software automates certain tasks.
Appointment Scheduling: We help businesses schedule appointments with customers, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.
Retainer Signing Services: For law firms and legal marketing agencies, we offer contract and retainer services to streamline the intake pipeline.
Voice: Our voice call center service guarantees your business is accessible around the clock, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We don't just pick up the phone – we actively connect with your callers, gather vital insights, and assess leads, allowing you to concentrate on your expertise and manage your business effectively.
Is Blazeo suitable for my industry?
Yes, we serve businesses across various industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, legal, HVAC, Automobile, and many more.
What’s the difference between inbound and outbound call center services?
Inbound Call Centers receive calls from customers seeking assistance or information, while Outbound call Centers make calls to reach out to customers for various purposes, such as sales, surveys, or appointment reminders.
Are your agents US Based?
All of our Call Center Agents reside in the United States and are formally trained on each account by our Training and Development team.
What is your call center’s answer rate?
Our goal is to answer calls as quickly as possible. Our average answer rate exceeds 97% of the time. If we miss the call, we call right back.
Do you offer callback services?
Yes! Our agents will call back any call abandoned before it reaches the dialer or if the call was dropped during the intake process. Agents are trained to note the outcome of each call.
What are some of the features/services offered in the Call Center?
Our Call Center Agents are trained on Inbound and Outbound services, appointment setting, qualifying/disqualifying leads, retainer signing, and providing an overall positive experience during some of the most vulnerable times.
How do I track the amount of calls and will I be able to listen to the calls?
We can send you a weekly call report that shows the calls, the time the call came in, the duration/length of the call, and a link to that call. We deliver these reports on Fridays to your email.
Do your agents work off a script?
We pride ourselves on providing a positive experience with a personal touch; therefore, our agents do not read off a script. In saying that, the questions are completely customizable to properly represent your process. Just send us the Must Ask Questions you’d like us to include!
What is your approach to data privacy and security?
We take privacy and security seriously. Our Call Center Agents have been trained in HIPAA and TCPA practices.
How is the information delivered once the call is complete?
After our agents complete the call, the information gathered is sent via email upon completion. This is a quick and efficient way to deliver the intake straight to you.

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