Nurturing Cold Leads: Strategies for Re-engagement through Email

Leads are prospects that expressed an interest in what you’re selling. These may be warm leads or cold leads — with the former more likely to purchase. While cold leads may not buy from you right away, don’t let go of them. You can nurture cold leads to encourage these potential customers to make a purchase sometime in the future. 

Why Nurturing Cold Leads Is Important

If you have a sales team, part of the sales process is to call warm leads and cold leads. Cold leads may not purchase from you in the near future, but they must be nurtured to increase your chances of getting a sale or a conversion. The trick is to balance calling your warm leads and cold leads to ensure you still get a sale. 

Keep in mind that cold leads are also prospects. They may not need to buy from you ASAP, but at some point, they may decide to make a purchase. If you want to convert these to warm leads, keep nurturing them. Just ensure you don’t pressure them into buying from you, or you might lose them. 

Simply get the communication going. As much as possible, respond to their queries right away. This helps them increase their trust in you. Also, use their preferred method of communication when engaging these leads. For example, if they prefer phone calls, call them from time to time to check on their interest in your products. You can even use humor in re-engaging these cold leads, helping you build rapport. 

Importance of a Strong Email List

You must build a strong email list to boost your conversions or sales. Having an email list lets you re-engage with cold leads and follow up with warm leads. It’s also easier to reach out to many prospects at once when you have an email list. This helps you save time and money. 

Having an email list lets you communicate better. You can send promotions or information about your products or services. Don’t forget to incorporate live chat to capture email addresses that can be converted to a warm lead. 

You can also get emails by adding call-to-action buttons to your posts. Try to add a compelling discount pop-up, and ask the customer to provide their email address to get the discount. Better yet, ask for their emails every time they purchase a product or a service. You can also add an email box on your website so that they can contact you easily if they have questions about your products or service. 

How to Re-Engage Cold Leads

The first step to re-engaging cold leads is to get to know them better. What are their likes and dislikes? What kind of communication medium do they prefer? Do you know why they’re interested in your products? Check on them periodically, even if it’s to just say hi. These potential customers are likely to appreciate the effort. You don’t have to sell them something right away, but constant communication helps them trust you. As a result, they’re more likely to purchase from you. Below are some tips for re-engaging these cold leads. 

Send Emails

Unlike phone calls, emails don’t make customers feel pressured to respond right away. They can read the email when it’s convenient for them. If you have a cold lead that expressed an interest in your product, get in touch with them via email. For example, if you’re selling marketing packages but your cold lead still isn’t ready to purchase, perhaps you can ask them how their current marketing strategy is helping them. Personalize the email as much as possible. Don’t make it sound like an email they receive from other businesses. 

Having a customer relationship management, or CRM, system in place is helpful as it allows you to make notes about your customers. You can note how the previous call or email went, and going forward, you can create personalized messages if you have a record of previous conversations to refer to. When you express interest in your customers, they tend to be more loyal to your brand. Over time, you may be able to convert this cold lead into a high-paying warm lead. 

Use Social Media

Social media is an effective chat tool that can help you convert a cold lead into a warm lead. If someone has expressed interest in your products or service in the past, follow up on their interest on social media. Ask them if they’re still thinking about buying from you. If you have new offers, let them know. You can even encourage them to follow you on social media so that they get updates from you. 

Better yet, you can go the extra mile by learning about their pain points and tagging them in the comments on your posts. Just make sure the post is relevant to them. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re randomly tagging customers in your posts. 

Additionally, consider sending welcome messages to visitors who visit your social media profiles. Include links to your products or services or an FAQ in case customers have more questions. 

Invite Them During Events

If you’re organizing a company event, you may want to invite these cold leads to re-engage them. It’s best to call them via phone instead of just emailing them. This allows you to gauge their interest in the event. 

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