Retainer Signing Services for Lawyers – Blazeo (formerly ApexChat)

Updated December 21, 2023

Turning your website traffic into paying clients isn’t easy. Getting customers to sign a retainer agreement over the phone is even harder. Imagine a service that helped your law firm reach your ideal customers based on your criteria. A service that saves you time and money by optimizing your lead generation, conversion, and intake process to get your message in front of those most likely to convert.That’s what you get with Blazeo (formerly ApexChat’s) Retainer Signing Services.In this post, we’ll detail why law firms are using Blazeo (formerly ApexChat’s) Retainer Signing Services to ensure they get retainer documentation signed, as well as convert more qualified leads from their website traffic. 

Challenges for Law Firms

Did you know that 50% of buyers choose the vendor that’s quickest to respond?It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The longer you wait to connect with a new prospect, the lower your conversion rate will be.But many firms still struggle with contacting qualified visitors in a timely manner. Even worse, once they contact the lead, they then have to get the customer to sign a retainer agreement.Many law firms encounter this issue daily. Securing these retainer documents is time-consuming and expensive. Our retainer signing services will streamline this whole process for you.Here’s a quick run-down of how it works.

Why Retainer Signing Works

When visitors are reaching out to your firm, they are hoping to accomplish a specific goal. Most visitors who chat have a problem that needs to be fixed.For instance, they may have gotten into an accident, or a family member got injured. The prospect is looking for answers that only your firm can provide. Offering a full live chat intake experience establishes clear next steps the visitor can take to resolve their issues. The best part, your firm fulfills the clients needs. They feel satisfied, and you get a fully qualified & signed retainer client delivered to your inbox. It’s that easy.Get Prospects Signed On The First ConnectionLuckily, Blazeo (formerly ApexChat’s) team of legal industry-trained live chat agents are able to qualify your website visitors using customized scripts tailored for your firm. If our agents identify the prospect is qualified and eligible, we’ll send a retainer agreement on your behalf via e-sign technology via the chat widget without breaking contact with the visitor. 

Additionally, if the prospect doesn’t sign immediately, our team of industry-trained intake specialists will reach out on behalf of your firm to ensure the prospect gets signed. We deliver you the signed retainer, along with any other relevant lead information, so you can close the deal.Never Miss the Opportunity to Close a Deal

With Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) you can be confident your customers are getting the best service available 24/7. We send you every lead regardless of the inquiry type, but we only charge you for qualified leads & retainers signed. The best part is, you already know they are qualified and they fit your firm’s criteria. It just works.Streamlined Solutions for Hard ProblemsWe’ve covered a lot here, haven’t we? To recap, with Blazeo (formerly ApexChat’s) Retainer Signing services you can:Get more time to focus on qualified leads

Offer a better customer experience

Beat your competition

Make sure each customer gets the VIP treatment

Reduce window-shopping and start closing more deals

ApexChat Retainer Signing ServicesWant to start getting more retainers delivered to your inbox? Contact [email protected] to schedule your free demo of our Retainer Signing services today!More content like this:4 Tips for Getting Contracts Signed FasterBenefits of Managed Call Center Services for Law Firms