Using Instagram for Plastic Surgery Leads

Did you know many plastic surgeons spell “liposuction” with a hashtag? If you haven’t caught on to #liposuction yet, then welcome to the world of plastic surgery Instagram.

Instagram offers a free tool surgeons can use to advertise their cosmetic procedures. Plenty of cosmetic surgeons are already using Instagram to reach a wider audience. Search the right hashtag and you’ll find a plethora of pictures in the operating room. However, not all of them are maximizing the social platform’s lead-generation potential. There are plenty of steps you can take to increase plastic surgery practice’s Instagram exposure, such as updating contact information or identifying the perfect hashtags.

Leads Through an Instagram Account? Why?

Right now, 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business page. At the same time, digital marketers are moving away from wordy content and toward video and pictures. This highly visual medium is ideal for any board-certified plastic surgeon hoping to advertise his or her surgery procedures.

In fact, Wishpond found that 67 percent of consumers believe “clear [and] detailed images” are more powerful than product information or customer ratings. Using better quality images will help you drum up engagement between prospects and your practice’s Instagram profile.

Sharing content via videos or pictures is a great way for plastic surgeons to build brand awareness and generate leads. The proof is in the data! Patient engagement is 15 times higher on Instagram than it is on other popular social networks, according to Practice Builders. However, achieving that level of engagement takes some social media-management know how.

Dermatologists, injectors and plastic surgerons alike can generate leads using Instagram.
Dermatologists, injectors and plastic surgeons alike can generate leads using Instagram.

Capture Plastic Surgery Leads with Instagram

Cosmetic surgeons have found a powerful advertising tool in Instagram, but how do they use the photo-sharing platform? They leverage the platform’s content-rich feeds to show their audiences the quality of their work and attract new followers. Here’s how you can step up your practice’s Instagram game:

Create a Business Profile

Business profiles offer Instagram users tools that regular profiles don’t include. Specifically, you can use your business profile to keep track of important metrics. All the data Instagram offers through business profiles can help your practice optimize posting. But these insights aren’t the only reason to create a business profile on Instagram for your practice.

You can also add your business’ address and contact information. And you can make your posts more engaging through promotions and “Learn More” buttons. These tools are unique to business profiles and give your practice an edge over competitors that stick with regular profiles.

Linking to Text-to-Chat

You can also link your Instagram profile to a phone number. This can be especially helpful for cosmetic surgeons who like to text with prospects and patients. Instagram lets you choose whether prospects call your business or text it. People are much more likely to text a business than call if given the option.

By linking your profile to an SMS-friendly phone number you’re expanding your reach and removing friction in the lead conversion process. This is especially helpful if you’re already using a service that has representatives answer text messages for you around the clock. Late-night Instagram browsers will be able to connect with someone and leave their contact information after finding your profile.

A note on HIPAA compliance

Keep in mind that native SMS text messaging apps are not HIPAA compliant. Your practice should not encourage the sharing of private health information via text messaging.

Live chat is a safer text-based communication channel for the exchange of private health information. Always ensure a chat provider is HIPAA compliant before adding their product to your website.

Feature User-Generated Content

People trust friends, family and peers more than businesses and advertisements. That’s why user-generated content can be a powerful tool for your practice. Buffer, a social media engagement platform,increased its own Instagram following by over 400 percent using UGC.

For great examples of UGC take a look at REI’s Instagram feed or check out for Apple’s social media marketing featuring photos taken with iPhones. These images are essentially testimonials to brands’ services or products.

Large brands leverage this content because it works. Buffer found content from it’s UGC campaign was better rated than other media. These posts were considered 35 percent more memorable and 50 percent more trustworthy. And UGC is 20 percent more influential on purchase decisions than other types of content. By featuring UGC from previous patients you can build a stronger, more trusting relationship with your target audience.

Effective Instagram hshtags will ensure users end up on your profile.
Effective Instagram hashtags will ensure users end up on your profile.

Identify and Use Effective Hashtags

The hashtag is ubiquitous these days. And when it comes to plastic surgery, Instagram hashtags are essential. It’s how you’ll segment your content to target people looking for specific procedures and more.

You should start your search for hashtags by scoping out the competition. It may also help to study Instagram influencers’ profiles. Influences connected to other plastic surgeons will use effective hashtags related to your industry. 

You can also use online tools to discover popular hashtags. For example, generates common hashtags tied to a specific keyword. It’s similar to keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest. If you plug in the word liposuction Hashtagify will provide related terms such as #weightloss, #tummytuck or #lipo. Or, submit the term breast augmentation to find similar hashtags such as  #breastimplants or #breastenlargement. The service also offers metrics related to hashtags.

Join Instagram’s Influencer Trend

Move aside Hansel, influencer marketing is hot right now. Why? Because influencers are walking returns on investment. For every $1 marketers spend on influencers they make around $6.50, according to a poll of marketing professionals conducted by Tomoson.

Influencer marketing is one of the best-performing online customer-acquisition channels available to marketers. Of the poll respondents, 22 percent called it their fastest growing channel, over organic search, email, paid search and display advertising. Imagine that, marketers are choosing influencers over SEO.

Influencers can prove especially useful to cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and expert injectors using Instagram to market their services. The results of their procedures are most effectively shared through visual mediums such as Instagram. And when influencers are sharing those pictures the results are more trustworthy.

Are You Ready to Join Plastic Surgery Instagram?

Instagram’s cosmetic surgery community is almost a world unto itself. And a world that consumers love to get a good look at. Joining it can expose your practice to a bounty of unique, engaged prospects. However, building relationships with members of that audience will take a sharp strategy and plenty of work. By using some of the tools and methods listed above you can ensure your practice stands out from the crowd.