How to Integrate SMS Text-to-Chat with Instagram

Did you know you can integrate Blazeo’s Text-to-Chat feature with your business’ Instagram page? If you’re in an industry that prioritizes a visual product, then you probably have an Instagram. And if you’re on Instagram, then you need to integrate your business’ contact information; starting with a phone number.

Once you’ve set up your business page on Instagram and you have your new SMS phone number through Blazeo’s Text-to-Chat service, you’re ready to integrate this engagement channel with your profile. Start by tapping “Edit Profile” to reach your contact settings.

After you’ve entered your profile settings, find the section for contact information. You may have to scroll down to see it more clearly.

Once you’ve found the “Contact Options” section tap the link and choose the Phone option. From there you’ll enter the phone number you got from Blazeo (formerly ApexChat).

After you’ve entered the phone number assigned by ApexChat, make sure you click the “Text” option under “How Would You Like To Be Reached?”

And then you’re done! From there prospects will be able to text ApexChat agents representing your business directly from your Instagram profile. If your a business that has a visual product or service to share, then make sure you add your Text-to-Chat number to your Instagram profile today!