Become a White-Label Live Chat Reseller with Blazeo

Our live chat reseller program offers marketing providers and agencies a new source of revenue that improves client stickiness and attracts more website leads. 

If you aren’t familiar with white-label live chat reselling, you should check out our article 6 reasons why you should be a white-label live chat reseller. 

In this article we’ll describe the key benefits of becoming a white-label live chat reseller with Blazeo (formerly ApexChat).

Why you should be a live chat reseller with Blazeo (formerly ApexChat)

Our white-label live chat solution offers your agency numerous advantages:

We make you standout

With live chat you have another great product to provide your clients. We help deliver more visible leads on your behalf. With this new offering you appear larger as an agency and stand apart from your competitors.

We’re customizable

Different customers have different requirements: scripts, images, email addresses, call transfers, and more. Our system is built specifically for the agency’s needs. We don’t force you to use our system, we adapt to what your agency needs to succeed. 

We increase your ROI

There’s money to be made. Typically the cost per lead is lower on average with us than anywhere else. Who doesn’t like getting more bang for your buck?

It’s a majority of our business

Fun fact: Over 70% of our business comes from our white label partners! We make it our business to help your business succeed because that’s what we’re good at.

We won’t solicit your clients. We’re not competitive with any of our resellers by contract. Our value is our live chat solution.

We’re always innovating

We’re always investing in and researching new ways to make our live chat platform the best in the business. With new features like SMS to Desktop, Call Connect, Exit Pop-Up and more, we’re always innovating to provide you with the best qualified leads for your business.

We offer 24/7 customer support

We have a dedicated contact for all your account needs. We’ll quickly provision your account after you sign on. That way you can start getting your clients brand new chat leads right away.

We also offer reporting via our dashboard so you can have a tangible list of leads to provide your clients. One more way to show your worth to your clients.


Live chat will help you convert the traffic you’re already driving to your clients’ websites. This way you can offer value in every phase of the funnel start-to-finish and improve client stickiness. 

Your agency will prove your worth by delivering tangible, qualified leads to your clients’ CRMs. That means better client retention and clear ROI associated with chat.

Our live chat solution is a scalable, cost-effective way to generate more, qualified leads from your websites. You can have one client or one-hundred: There will be no diminishing quality for clients that use your white-label live chat solution. 

Blazeo’s White Label Reseller Program

Our platform was developed with the needs of B2B business and digital marketing agencies in mind. We offer various reseller arrangements including complete white-labeling of our live chat software and agents.

White-labeling live chat allows leading marketers to rebrand our powerful web conversion tool as their own. You won’t have to build a complex platform or house a team of chat agents around the clock 24/7. We’ve got you covered.

Using our white-Labeling live chat program you can establish a new recurring revenue stream for your business with live chat.

For more on what’s included in our white-label chat software and service, visit our product features page or sign up for a demo today!