6 Reasons to be a White Label Live Chat Reseller

You may have noticed some companies offering multiple versions of the same product or service, but with different names. This is called white labeling, and it’s where products are sold without a company branding featured. 

Live chat white label reseller programs offer marketing providers and agencies a new source of revenue that attracts more quality leads and improves client relationships.

This article will detail different aspects of white-label programs, why it can be useful for your business’s brand strategy and whether these programs are right for your agency.   

What is white labeling?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a white-labeled product is offered without branding so that another business can rebrand and resell it. 

Companies that are interested can buy, customize and use that product as their own. They can also resell it for a profit depending on the industry they operate in. 

The software industry is a great example of this business practice; many companies resell their software to be repurposed by other businesses.

What is a live chat white-label solution?

Marketing agencies can opt for a white-label solution in the form of a chat widget, which gets added to your website or webpage. The chat window allows potential leads and agents to interact in real-time. This gives prospective customers the opportunity to get answers to their queries.

The appeal of the white-label solution is the customizability of the chat widget, as you can add your own design characteristics and brand to leave an impression on website visitors.

The core functionality of the chat will still be the same, all you have to worry about is branding. 

Why might you prefer a live chat white-label?

You’ve learned what white-labeling is, so why do so many businesses prefer a white label live chat solution?

1. Creating a Unique Live Chat Solution Is Expensive

Not every company will be able to invest valuable resources and time to develop their own chat solution. Developing new features for an in-house chat platform takes a considerable amount of time, as research and technical expertise is required to provide the best experience for customers.

Some brands may opt to purchase their own white-labeled live chat to get the appearance of a custom-built live chat option, without the trials of custom building.

2. Brands Want Ownership of Their Live Chat Solution

White-label live chat widgets are an attractive option for many businesses that want full control of their branding on their software. 

Becoming a white label partner means you don’t have to feature the original vendor’s name or logo on your chat widget. It’s all yours!

3. The Chat Functionality Can Be Customized

White-label live-chat solutions vary from vendor to vendor. In general, the core mechanics of the chat can be negotiated to fit the needs of your business. 

For example, we offer white-label partners the ability to use our team of live chat specialists to conduct chats on their behalf. Our white label partners can also customize invitations to match their branding. Additionally, their clients can tailor our chat scripts to meet their business needs. That level of customization makes a white-label solution more valuable. 

4. Live Chat Increases Sales

A majority of potential customers leave your clients’ websites without converting into leads. 

While there are multiple reasons for this, the most common reason they leave is a lack of convenient communication.

Website visitors usually have queries and want to speak to someone at the business. But when nobody is available to answer, they leave. 

Live chat allows you to walk these visitors through the solutions they are looking for at the moment that they’re searching. Live chat representatives also have a chance to answer their questions and entice them to generate and convert leads. 

We’ve found a live chat solution can increase the number of quality leads generated on your website by at least 40 percent or more. 

5. Live Chat Improves Customer Loyalty

Live chat is easy to access and works as the best solution for answering customer inquiries on your website. In fact, live chat has the highest consumer rating at 92 percent.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, live chat helps businesses engage prospects and guide them through the customer journey to convert into a quality prospect for the business.

This attention to detail will increase customer retention, help keep clients satisfied and increase the likelihood that clients stay with your brand longer resulting in more repeat and referral business.

6. White-Label Live Chat Decreased Expenses

Live chat solutions save your business a huge amount of phone bills and cost per hour for an agent. Agents can answer multiple chats at the same time, reducing the call waiting queues for customers in the process. 

If your live chat provider employs its own agents, your employees are free to work on other productive tasks.


Overall, white-label live chat on your website is great for embracing and enhancing your own brand. It lends credibility and consistency to your chat channel.

After all, a live chat channel is customer facing, so when your channel only has your brand on it, customers are fully immersed in your brand alone.

Blazeo’s White Label Reseller Program

Our platform was developed with the needs of B2B business and digital marketing companies in mind. We offer different reseller arrangements, which include complete White-labeling of our live chat software and agents.

White-labeling live chat allows leading marketers to rebrand our powerful web conversion tool as their own. You won’t have to build a complex platform or house a team of chat agents around the clock 24/7. We’ve got you covered.

Using our White-Labeling live chat program, you can establish your own recurring revenue stream for your business with live chat.

For more on what’s included in our white-label chat software and service, visit our product features page.