Wix Instructions

Don’t worry – Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) plays nice with Wix! Installation is different depending on whether your Wix account is free or paid premium.

Installation for free Wix accounts:

Add the code below to include the Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) chat invitation on your Wix website. We recommend installing a static code near the top of each page of the website. This allows clients to start chat from a picture or button on the website.

Static Code:

<img style=”cursor: pointer; cursor: hand;” src=”IMAGE URL HERE” onclick=”window.open (‘https://www.apex.live/pages/chat.aspx?companyId=Provided by ApexChat&requestedAgentId=25&originalReferrer=’document.referrer‘&referrer=’+window.location.href,”,’width=440,height=680’);”>

An alternative option is SMS. We can provide a static SMS code.

Installation for paid premium Wix accounts:

If you have a premium account you will use a different code for installation. For this all you will need is your company key. Once you have your company key follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Wix Dashboard > Manage Website > Tracking and Analytics.
  2. Click the “Add Code” button.
  3. Add our invitation script: <script src=”//www.apex.live/scripts/invitation.ashx?company=xxxx“></script>

*xxxx = company key