What is ADA Website Compliance & How to Make Your Website More Accessible

Updated 11/13/2023

Your company’s website is often the first impression a potential customer has of you. It’s important to offer an inclusive experience to all users, including those with disabilities. This not only aligns with ethical and legal considerations but also enhances your website’s visibility and reach through improved search engine optimization.

Accessibility Features to Incorporate

Improving website accessibility ensures a seamless user experience for everyone, whether your users are reading with their eyes or using screen readers. Implementing accessibility measures can even help reveal necessary improvements and streamline your website flow. Consider some key elements:

Screen Reader Compatibility

Ensure your website is compatible with screen readers. Test your website’s elements, including headings, links, buttons and form fields, to guarantee they’re correctly read by screen reader software.

User-Friendly Design and User Experience

Create an intuitive and user-friendly design. Optimize navigation and layout to make it easy for all users to find information quickly and efficiently.

Video Content Accessibility

Provide captions and transcripts for all video content. This allows people with hearing impairments or those who cannot play audio to access the information conveyed in videos. You can also use descriptive alt text for video thumbnails and incorporate accessible player controls.

Consideration for People With Disabilities

Keep people with disabilities in mind throughout the design and development process. Ensure your website is perceivable, operable, understandable and robust, following the principles of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Optimize for Search Engine Optimization 

Incorporate accessibility best practices into your SEO strategy. Use descriptive and relevant keywords in image alt texts, headings and content to enhance SEO, while providing valuable information for screen reader users.

Background Colors and Contrast

Choose background colors and text contrast that provide clear and readable content. High contrast between text and background aids individuals with visual impairments and benefits all users in various lighting conditions.

Regular Testing and Feedback

Continuously test your website for accessibility using screen reader software, keyboard navigation and other assistive technologies. Seek feedback from users with disabilities to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.

Accessible Forms

Design forms with proper labels and instructions. Ensure users can complete forms easily with only a keyboard and that the forms are clear and understandable when read by screen readers.

When you incorporate these measures, you can make your website stand out in the crowd and create a memorable, helpful experience for potential clients. By answering their questions and fulfilling their needs, you greatly improve the outcome of repeat business.

ADA compliance checker for websites

Luckily, the web offers a number of ADA compliance check tools so you can ensure your site meets the standards described above.

Additionally, you can request that an ADA compliance officer review your website to ensure that it meets accessibility standards.

Why web pages should meet WCAG standards

The threat of lawsuits is real and something to avoid. You don’t want to spend money on legal defense because your website wasn’t accessible. It’s an easily avoidable problem.

However, people who are visiting your website are visiting for a reason. And if the pages and content they find are not accessible they will leave. Think about the people who are bouncing from your website because of a lack of accessibility, and the consequences of allowing that to happen.

You may be damaging your brand and you’re probably losing out on opportunities to engage with potential leads. ADA and WCAG guidelines will help you create a friendlier and more accessible website for your visitors.

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