Track Every Chat Lead With Blazeo + WhatConverts

Are you noticing more and more leads come in via live chat? As people spend more time online, it becomes more likely that live chats become the preferred method of contact for new leads or customers seeking support. 

As some data shows, live chats are becoming an increasingly necessary contact method for businesses and their customers. With more people getting in touch with businesses via chat, it’s time for marketers to catch up and find out where these leads are coming from. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to share the Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) + WhatConverts integration. 

This integration makes it possible for users to see exactly how chat leads found their business. 

Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) provides live chat software and real chat agents, helping turn clicks into customers. WhatConverts can supplement Blazeo data with marketing tracking information, revealing how every new chat found your business and storing chat leads alongside all other types of conversions like calls, form-fills.

Get detailed data about every chat

Chat leads are a big deal. According to data from HelpScout, live chat generates positive reviews across a spectrum of industries.

If you’ve already realized the power of live chat, you may be looking for a way to further leverage the live chat tools you have. That’s where WhatConverts comes in. 

WhatConverts reports web chats as conversion actions. We can reveal which marketing drives your chat conversions by automatically tracking chats back to the marketing source, medium, campaign, and keyword (for PPC ads).

Every time a chat comes in through Blazeo (formerly ApexChat), WhatConverts will display the following information about the chat in your dashboard:

Above, you can see all the data that appears alongside a chat lead in WhatConverts. All that data makes a difference. With the Blazeo and WhatConverts integration, you can now see which marketing channels are delivering your chat leads, qualify and assign value to chat leads, and ultimately see which marketing campaigns are producing a return on investment.

How will chat lead data help my business? 

Analyzing the data passed between Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) and WhatConverts can help increase sales, speed up customer service, and optimize your marketing decisions with hard data about which marketing channels deliver the most valuable leads. You can capture every online chat lead and trace it back to the marketing source responsible.

The chat data tells sales people immediately when new leads come in and which marketing campaign piqued their interest. Those pieces of information allow salespeople to move more quickly. 

Customer service representatives can analyze chat transcripts and see when certain customers have repeat issues. 

Marketers can easily separate new lead chats from customer service chats, identify the campaigns that deliver hot leads, and double down on the marketing efforts that drive new leads.

Let’s not forget about customer support

The WhatConverts + Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) data is good for more than just lead tracking. Combining Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) and WhatConverts can also be a gamechanger if you’re using chats for customer support tickets. Because WhatConverts captures the complete chat ticket and stores it alongside the marketing data, you can see everything you need to know about a customer before handling their support ticket.

Using live chat for customer support might not be so bad an idea, as data shows that 51% of consumers are likely to stay with a business that provides live chat support. 

Interested in using live chat in your business? 

WhatConverts is offering an exclusive 30-day free trial for Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) users. 

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