SMS Leads Messaging – User Guide & Faq

All You Need to Know About SMS Leads Messaging

How does the chat work?

When someone visits a website and starts to chat, they can give their phone number. When they do this, a window will show up asking if they would like to be contacted later.

Keep your leads engaged with SMS Leads Messaging

What is a contact form?

In a form, they can choose Yes or No by clicking on one of the options. They can also enter a different number if they want to be contacted later.

select Yes, or No or submit a different numbe

When the customer gets their Lead, they will see an extra section in the lead where someone has said they want to be contacted later via SMS.

Message Now

When they click the “MESSAGE NOW” button, it will open a special page where you can send messages. If you are not signed in, then you will see this page.

Check Inbox

What happens next?

In the next step, the user will receive an email. Clicking the “Verify Now” button will give you access to a limited version of the Messaging Dashboard. 

Email Notif

You can also get a set of credentials that will let you log in to the full version. Your email address will be used to create an account for you.

Access to MD

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How do I log in to the full access of the dashboard?

From the screen, you can log into the dashboard and get full access to everything.  

Log in MD

To sign in to the website, click on the Login button from the above screen. 

Click Log in MD

It will take you to a page where you can enter your information.

Login Page

How do I display the list of available leads?

To see the list of leads that are available, go to the Messaging Dashboard and look in this area.  

Opt in Lead

How do I start a conversation with a lead?

Click on the lead tile to open a lead. Once it is open, you can start sending chat messages to that person.

Start Conversation

How do I send a message on the SMS number of the visitor?

If you want to send a message to the visitor, you can type it in the box at the bottom of the page and then press “Send”. 

Send to SMS number

How do I know if a visitor has sent me a message?

When someone visits the company’s website and sends a message, you will get an email with the message.

Email Message

To respond to this message, click the “See the Message” button in your email. You can keep communicating to someone in this way.

Continue conversation 

Accessing and engaging your target audience has never been simpler. With SMS lead messaging, your business can now quickly reach your desired markets to drive conversions that result in long-term customer relationships.

We hope this guide has provided answer to any questions you may have had about SMS leads messaging – but if not be sure to reach out and contact us directly at [email protected]!

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