Signs You’ve Outgrown Your CRM: Is It Time for a Change?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to add value to your relationship with your customers. But how would you know when it’s time to change to a different software? For starters, you might have outgrown the capabilities of your existing CRM. 

Signs You’ve Outgrown Your CRM 

It’s possible to outgrow your CRM system and find that it no longer matches the needs of your business. There are clear signs that it’s time to move on. 

Data Overload 

When you’re using dated CRM software, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter data overload. Signs that your CRM is just not managing the current data load include: 

Old software may not be able to keep up with the demands of modern businesses, so it might be time to upgrade.

Ineffective Contact Management

While CRM systems have benefits that stretch far beyond just basic contact management, it’s still the core reason why businesses sign up for a CRM system. Ways to know your contact management is ineffective include: 

Frequent Complaints 

You can tell your contact management is lacking when you experience an increase in complaints. Effective contact management ensures issues are dealt with before they escalate to a complaint. 

Incomplete Sales Cycles 

A good contact strategy increases the chances of converting leads. If a competitor manages to squeeze in somewhere and you don’t maintain contact, there’s a chance you may lose the lead. 

No Repeat Customers 

If you don’t keep in regular contact with your clients, you won’t know what their needs are or whether you can help them meet those needs. It’s also important to ask the right questions during the various sales stages to know what these needs are. 

Limited Features and Functionality 

Your CRM should serve a number of users, from existing customers and prospects to sales reps and fulfillment teams. It should create a seamless transition from one division to another. Older or smaller CRM systems might not be able to keep up with the functionality across divisions. Some features and functions that newer CRM systems have include: 

Integration Challenges

When you’re using an older or small CRM, you might experience integration challenges. This is because the software may not be capable of handling the additional information, or it doesn’t have the required features to support the data transfer. Incompatible data safety requirements can also cause problems.

Data integration is important to growing businesses as it allows you to use the CRM as a single point of contact company-wide. If you’re having to access multiple programs or devices during a single transaction or call with a client, it might affect the user experience. 

With effective data integration, you have easy access to information that you can leverage in your business, such as: 

Not In Use 

A telltale sign that your CRM system is no longer meeting the needs of your business is when staff and clients opt to use something else. This could be for a number of reasons:

Difficult to Use 

When the system is too complex, users might feel overwhelmed or fear doing something wrong. They may also have to use multiple steps or processes to get the desired result, whereas other systems are more streamlined. When this happens, manual systems seem more attractive and easier to use, even if they end up taking longer. 

Dated Software 

Customers are especially sensitive to dated software as they may feel ill at ease to log in to these sites or provide their personal information. 

The Benefits Are Unclear 

When you don’t know why you have to use a certain system, especially if there are other ways to achieve the same results, convincing users to use it becomes challenging. Sales teams might not know about special features such as pipeline management and service agents might not be aware of the ability to make notes of conversations. 

How to Evaluate Potential CRMs 

The writing is on the wall and you know it’s time to swap out the dated system for a fresh, modern and capable CRM. Here are the most important things to look for to ensure it meets your organizational requirements: 

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