How to Set Up Live Chat on Your Website

Thinking about implementing live chat on your website but not sure about the logistics? Adding free live chat functionality is as simple as following a few step-by-step instructions. Even if you don’t have a designated IT support specialist on staff, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Most businesses who add live chat to their site start to see ROI almost immediately. In fact, if implemented correctly, offering live chat support can increase online leads by 40 percent!

Ready to start chatting with your site visitors in real time? Keep reading to learn how to set up live chat on your website:

It All Starts With a Line of Code

Back when live chat for business first began, users had to install live chat software—and that was time-consuming. But these days it’s as easy as copy and pasting a line of HTML code.

To install chat on your website, log in to your live chat account. You’ll see a snippet of code that you can copy. Next, navigate to your website builder and click “text” to view the source code. Paste the code before the closing body tag: </body>.

Some providers offer plug-ins, but the simplicity of pasting a line of code is a good alternative.

Next, It’s Time to Customize

If your chat box features colors and font that don’t align with your brand, it’ll confuse your website visitors—and it’ll also look horrible. Fortunately, most live chat providers allow users to customize the appearance of your chat widget so that it looks the way you want it to.

In addition to customizing your chat widget’s outward image, you can also customize the messaging. This means you can tell your brand story both visually and through written communications.

Within your live chat account, there should be guided installation instructions to walk you through the process.

live chat invitation branding
Branding your chat invitation can help performance.

Customizing Colors and Appearance

It’s important that your chat widget mimics the rest of your website and marketing materials. This is because live chat is just another brand touchpoint, and you need to deliver consistent messaging with every single interaction. According to Forbes, strong branding begets financial success for business owners. A recognizable brand builds consumer trust and loyalty, which means customers will buy from you again and again.

When customizing your live chat widget, begin with the chat window theme. Typically, vendors will have a few styles you can choose from. Next, customize your colors so that the widget matches—or coordinates with—your brand colors. Be sure that your chat button is a contrasting color so people have an easy time seeing it. Finally, upload your logo so that it appears right in the chat window. This way customers know they’re interacting with your company.

Customizing Live Chat Features 

It’s a safe bet to greet your visitors with a message like “Hi, do you need help today?” or “Hello! Click here to start chatting with me.” You can customize your greeting to create a unique chat experience for your prospects or customers. For example, you might want to make it clear that a bot is collecting their information by naming the agent “[company name] bot” or “Rob-ot.”

If you have a specific employee photo you want to upload, you can. Or you can add a stock employee image so that visitors feel like they’re talking to an actual human being. While 80 percent of chat sessions were resolved by AI, 20 percent needed human intervention. While bots are incredibly smart, they don’t pick up on nuanced language like people do. When you modify your chat experience to let people know they’re dealing with a human, they feel more relaxed that you’ll be able to solve their problem or answer their question.

Do you do business with international clients? Speak to them in their native tongue with language customizations. One study surveyed consumers in 10 countries and discovered that 60 percent rarely or never buy from a site that’s only in English. So if you hope to sell internationally, you need to speak your customers’ language.


When you sell a product or service online, you need to offer live chat—whether that means bots of actual human chat agents. It’s the only way to provide exceptional customer service in a world where more than half of consumers expect companies to be available 24/7.

Setting up live chat on your website is as easy as following a recipe. And if you ever run into any difficulties, your provider is only a chat away!