Receptionist vs Virtual Receptionist or Call Center: Which is Right for You

Trying to decide the best way to field phone calls and schedule appointments for your business? There’s a lot of consider, whether you choose an in-person receptionist, virtual support, or a call center.

Benefits of In-House Receptionists 

While you would need to commit to a salary and possibly other benefits, there’s no denying the benefits that in-house receptionists provide. 

Advantages of Virtual Receptionists and Remote Support 

The cost factor is a standout feature of remote support or virtual receptionists, and for many businesses that can’t afford a full-time employee, this might be a cost-effective solution. Other reasons why remote support might be a good option include: 

Power of a Dedicated Support Team 

Dedicated support means you have exclusive use of a team of experts to help your business flourish. It saves you money over time as it’s far more cost-effective than employing those same experts full-time. You also don’t run the risk of employees burning out or having inefficient downtime, and you have a better chance of managing emergencies as there are multiple people to pick up the slack. These support teams can help you: 

Factors to Consider 

Before deciding whether to use a dedicated support team or hire in-house, consider a few factors. 

Aligning With Your Business Requirements 

In-house receptionists are important if you require someone to be the face of your business. In the event you need telephonic support after hours, remote support might come in handy. For some businesses, one or the other might suffice, while for many in the legal, medical, or real estate industry, a combination of remote and in-house works best. 

Cost Considerations 

Your budget will determine which course your business follows when it comes to staff. If you’re still new and don’t require someone physically at your place of business, remote support can be a cost-effective solution. Compare remote support packages to the cost of in-house hires over time to see which suits your budget best. You may also benefit from outsourcing some of the functions of your in-house staff to remote support to avoid paying a full salary for menial tasks. 

Scalability and Flexibility 

If you want your business to scale effortlessly from a staffing perspective, it’s worth considering a remote solution. The team or package can quickly increase according to your growing needs. Hiring staff, on the other hand, is expensive and time-consuming. In-house staff may not be as flexible, either, as they have set hours, packages and parameters of work. 

Customer Experience and Quality 

Customer experience not only influences whether you’ll close the sale or not, but it also determines whether they will do business with you in the future or promote your business to others. Improving customer experience can boost your bottom line as you don’t spend as much to convert a current customer as you would to attract a new one. Choosing the right support, whether in-house or remote, depends on the quality of service you’re able to provide.

Making the Right Choice: Factors to Guide Your Decision 

When choosing between an in-house receptionist or remote staff, consider the following factors: 

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