Product Update: Enhanced UI/UX for Customer & Partner Portals

New year, better analytics! We’re excited to announce that we’ve made some major changes to the existing customer portal that we think you’ll enjoy.

This update adds a new look with a simplified user experience designed to streamline access to your company chat analytics.

Let’s take a look at what’s been changed in this update.

Quick Analytics Insights on the Homepage

As you log in to the new portal, you’ll see your Analytics Insights for the last 24 hours. This includes valuable data like total chats, total leads, lead conversion rate, and active chats.

ApexChat Enhanced UI/UX Analytics Update

Detailed Analytics Section

Every business decision should be supported with accurate customer data.

With that in mind, we’ve added enhanced reporting capabilities that should help make these tough decisions easier to execute. You can now visualize your data in real-time with our user-engaging graphs, charts, and stats.

Our goal is to help help you analyze your performance on daily basis.

In addition, you can also compare previous time periods in the ‘Quick Stats’ section.

You can adjust the duration, and apply multiple filters to analyze your companies chat performance over time. A print functionality has also been added that allows you to print your portal’s Analytics data.

ApexChat Enhanced UI/UX Analytics Portal Dashboard

New and Improved UI

This update is the result of years of feedback and communication with our customers.

Our new design’s goal is to create a less-cluttered, more user-friendly reporting experience. We’ve implemented a seamless company setting editing option that will streamline your portal experience.

Improved Field Validations Throughout the Portal

Updating your company settings has never been easier. With our improved field validations update, you’ll be able to adjust basic details and your lead emails sections.

Stay Tuned for New Updates

Understanding what matters most for our clients is our number one priority. If you have any questions or need assistance with getting started, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out to your account manager.

All of these changes are the result of years of feedback from you, our customers. We couldn’t have achieved this without you. We hope you enjoy this update.

Thank you for choosing Blazeo (formerly ApexChat)!