Options for Customizing Your Live Chat Window

ApexChat offers our clients flexibility in designing chat windows that align with their branding. As an ApexChat customer you can adjust your chat window in a variety of ways to ensure it matches your website design and brand guidelines.

We provide two options for chat windows:

  1. WindowedEx – https://www.apexchat.com/
  2. DOM Ex – http://freyconstruction.com/

You can customize a number of elements in each window such as:


You can adjust various pieces within the chat window header. For example, you can change the agent image size. Other customization options include the header size, wording, color or additional graphics or logos.


You can match the font within the chat window body to make sure it matches your website copy. Specific customization options include the type, size and color of the font for visitor and agent messages, as well as the send button font color and size.


The chat window footer can be adjusted to include a privacy policy or disclaimer for your visitors. You can also add a link or logo to the footer, as well as change the footer background color and font color, size or type.

Keep in mind

Each account may have a unique skin for different chat windows. We cannot individually adjust each skin or mass apply changes to this area. If you need multiple accounts updated we can create a new skin with the same main, minimized and chat window, then apply the new invitiation moving forward.