Blazeo Messaging Dashboard – Guide & Faq


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How to get access to the Messaging Board?

Unlock the power of Messaging Dashboard with just a few clicks! If you’re an Agent or Operator, enabling the “Enable Messaging Dashboard” checkbox within user settings will be all it takes to access. Default users won’t have this ability to proactively converse though. 

How do I use a messaging dashboard to communicate with my customers?

With our messaging dashboard, it’s easy to connect with your customers in real-time! Simply log in and switch your status from “Offline” to “Active.” Then you’ll be able to engage directly with users who have questions or need information.

How can I make sure my messages are seen and read on a messaging dashboard?

We provide an online sign on the avatar, so you can tell if a visitor is engaging or has left their chat session. No have no read receipts are available.

Who do I contact if I have a question about using a messaging dashboard?

You can get in touch with your account representative and they’ll be more than happy to help you out. Alternatively, don’t forget to check out the demo video of how simple it is to use messaging dashboards.

Can I use a messaging dashboard to collaborate with my team?

A messaging dashboard may not be the right choice if you’re looking to collaborate with your team. Instead, consider exploring options for real-time collaboration tools that can help ensure everyone stays connected!

How do I ensure that the visitor’s name is captured in both the lead form and the call conversation?

Capturing your visitor’s name is now easy! Utilize the “Copy as Name” feature to easily transfer their info from lead form directly into the call connect box, saving you time and effort.


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Does the system updates its contact information if it changes?

Yes, ApexChat messaging dashboard is equipped to seamlessly track your contact info changes and keep you up-to-date!

How do I know if I have unread messages?

Stay on top of your chats by keeping an eye out for the unread message bubble. It’ll be prominently displayed, so you don’t miss a single one!

How can I tell which messages are unread?

Keep track of your online conversations easily! Message tiles with a unread message bubble and a number next to it will let you know how many visitor messages are waiting for you.

How do I use the auto suggest feature?

Unlock the power of auto suggestions with a few simple clicks! Navigate to your settings and enable this must-have feature today. Make typing quicker, easier & more efficient; an absolute essential for all users.

If you’re looking to turn off auto suggestions, simply navigate your way to the settings button and disable this feature.

Experience firsthand how easy it is to make changes on the system. Watch our demo video and see for yourself how quick you can add or delete a suggestion with just one click of your mouse!

How do I view suggestions that have been made?

Discover all your added suggestions in the Suggestions area! They’ll show up anytime you open and close the chat. 

How do I decline a chat request?

Declining a chat request is easy! Just click on the cross button when it appears in your Incoming Chat area to complete the process.

What should I do if I accidentally decline a chat request?

If you’ve unintentionally declined a chat request, don’t worry – the system process will route the same one back your way if it goes unanswered for a certain time.


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What are the consequences of declining a chat?

When you decline a chat, it’s seamlessly passed on to the next active operator within your organization. That way, customers can receive continuing support and efficient service! 

Is there a limit to the number of chats I can decline?

With no restrictions on the number of chats you can decline, it’s important to remember that with only one active operator in your company at any time, declining a chat isn’t an option.

How do I change the new incoming chat sound?

Need to change up the chat sound? Unfortunately you won’t be able to customize it with our current version – but watch this space, as there’s always something new on its way!

How do I turn the new chat sound on or off?

Ready to adjust those chat sounds? You can easily turn them on and off, simply head over the Settings button at the top of your screen and you’ll be able to toggle these settings in no time!

What devices does the new chat sound work on?

Our new chat sound works on a variety of devices-from desktops to laptops, tablets and even your phone. For optimal messaging experience on a mobile device though, we suggest using the dedicated app!

How can I determine the source of the chat?

Discover the source of your chats quickly and easily! Look for an icon beside each chat that will tell you if it’s a web, SMS, Facebook or GMB conversation. You can also find this information at any specific chat in its details section – all right there to help make managing communication simpler than ever.

How many chats can the operator handle at one time?

We have well equipped operators to take on as many chats at once with ApexChat messaging dashboard.


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What types of chats does the operator have experience with?

Our team of operators is well-versed in all kinds of conversations. With a wealth of experience on their side, you can trust us for prompt responses that are sure to meet your needs!

How do I ensure that my messaging dashboard is in-sync with my existing dashboard?

We understand how important it is for your messaging dashboard to stay in-sync with the existing one. Rest assured, we are working hard so you’ll have a completely synced experience!

How do I troubleshoot if my messaging dashboard is not in-sync with my existing dashboard?

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your messaging dashboard being out of sync, we highly recommend to focus on using one single dashboard to make sure all chats are managed – this will help keep things streamlined!

How does the call connect feature work?

With our Call Connect feature, you can easily connect with your visitors in a few easy steps. All they have to do is enter their phone number into the call form and click “Connect” — it’s that simple!

How do I see chat details that include the time at visitor side, Idle time, company’s timezone?

Uncover all the handy details about your visitors’ chats! Get visibility into their chat time, idle duration and company’s corresponding timezone – all neatly displayed in one place.

How do I configure my chat settings to include this information?

No need to worry about manually configuring your chat settings – they come with all the information you need included by default!

Is there a way to see chat details for a specific date range?-

For a more detailed look at your chat history, use the portal to filter through date ranges and obtain all necessary information!


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Does it check if the internet is disconnected?

It detects interruption with the internet connection and it will notify users with a warning. No need to worry because once your web access has resumed, chats can begin again as soon as possible!

What are the different colors for the avatar status?

The chat experience with visitors is quick and easy to monitor! Avatars show in green when a visitor is chatting, and shift over to red once the conversation has ended or if they’ve left the chat.

How can operators access and review previous conversations?

Operators have the ability to review past conversations quickly and easily by accessing them through either the History area in MD or going straight to their convenient Conversation tab on the portal.

How far back does the history of messages go?

Dive into a 6 month long time frame of communication with ApexChat Messaging Dashboard.

How do I know if my applied rules are working?

Are you curious to know if your rules are driving the right results? Don’t worry! You will receive notifications in your email inbox and phone number when any lead fulfills all applied conditions.

How do I edit or delete a rule?

Need help managing or removing a rule? Contact your Account representative, they will be more than happy to help!

How do I know if there is an unsent lead notification?

Are you wondering if there’s an unsent lead notification? Good news—it’ll be waiting for you in the “Unsent leads” area right alongside your history section on Messaging Dashboard.

What is the lead notification?

Once you found the perfect customer connection, your chat will become a lead, marked with an eye-catching red bubble! Simply head over to the “Unsent Lead” area of our platform to find it waiting.


Stay up to date with Updates

How often is the dashboard updated?

Our messaging dashboard is incredibly user-friendly and tailored to maximize the efficiency of your experience. By adding new features and improvements approximately every 2-3 months, you can confidently expect a system that is constantly evolving to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of using Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) Messaging Dashboard?

Our system provides an array of unique benefits that can help improve your experience. Enjoy comprehensive add-ons such as statement additions, automated recommendations and a range of smaller improvements – all designed with the user in mind!

We hope you found this information on Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) messaging dashboards helpful! If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Our team is always happy to help.

Thanks for choosing Blazeo (formerly ApexChat)!