How to Utilize Live Chat to Communicate With Website Visitors

If your clients can only generate new leads and acquire new customers by meeting with prospects, then it’s important to have tools that allow you to communicate. 

At its most basic, live chat is exactly that: A tool that helps your customers to communicate with website visitors and vice versa. However, whatever the reason businesses add live chat, they often find that it’s so much more than they anticipated.

It’s all about the human element. When you have a live person behind the chat, he or she is able to adapt to the visitor’s needs and offer a level of human connection that a chatbot can’t. A bot that relies entirely on a script that runs based on set responses just may not be able to provide the same conversational flexibility that a live chat agent can. And that’s what makes live chat so many things to so many businesses and their website visitors. 

So what exactly is it? Well, it depends on the situation. Below we break down a few of the things that live chat can be for your clients and their website visitors:

A Website Traffic Conversion Tool

Our live chat is built to convert more website visitors into leads for your clients. Like any other live chat tool, it offers so much more than that. But first and foremost our live chat is here to help your customers generate more leads from their websites. 

Instantaneous messaging is how people communicate. They’re sending texts and social media messages to their friends and family every day. And they often quickly get answers back. It’s what your clients’ prospects are accustomed to. That’s why live chat is so successful at converting visitors into leads: It offers them the option they’re most comfortable with using to communicate. 

That’s why live chat is proven to increase website conversion rates by 40%. It takes prospects’ preferred mode of communication and places it in your hands. The website visitors who are interested in your clients’ services (but are unwilling to call, or wait for a form fill or email response) can chat instead. That way they enjoy instantaneous connection without having to dial their phone.

A Support Resource

But what if the individual who starts a chat is already a client? What if he or she is just trying to reach someone in the office or log in to a customer portal or ask a question about services?

Live chat allows the flexibility to transition from a conversion conversation into a support chat. The agent can quickly recognize the changing direction of the discussion and adjust accordingly to ensure the visitor’s question is answered. With Blazeo (formerly ApexChat), this aspect of the services comes essentially free. 

While our chat agents offer the flexibility of a human, they use prewritten scripts to ensure they align with your customer’s brand and voice while making sure they collect the required lead information. Your clients can add branches to scripts so that if a chat veers in a support direction, the agents understand how to respond appropriately. 

A 24/7 Human Presence

When your customers’ employees go home for the night, who’s there to speak with prospects who are using their own free time after work to research their businesses? Live chat ensures there’s a human presence on their websites 24/7 so that every prospect has an opportunity to connect with their businesses in real-time. 

A fast response can drastically improve the start of the customer journey. When that quick reply comes at night it ensures that website visitors are getting the best buying experience. 

A Greeter for Website Visitors

Greeters are a staple of stores like Walmart—and for good reason! They help put a face to brands and make them feel more human. Customers instantly start building a connection with the store from the moment they walk inside when they’re greeted by someone at the door. 

Live chat works in a similar way. A greeter for your clients’ websites. It provides a human face for their homepages. Whether people start a chat immediately or not, they’ll recognize the friendly hello they’re greeted with when they visit your customers’ sites. 

Live Chat Is What You Make It

Ultimately, live chat is what you make it. At Blazeo (formerly ApexChat), our live chat tool is a blank canvas. You add the branding and the scripting that your clients need to generate leads. From there, as long as the website is generating sufficient traffic the live chat tool will convert visitors into leads

The friendly hello they’re greeted with an agent available to immediately answer questions 24/7 shows your clients care about a better customer experience. And their website visitors will notice it.