How to Generate More Leads: Tips for Contractors

Most contractors generate leads by doing just the basics, which include posting on their social media channels, paid ads and search engine optimization. While these strategies often work well, specific techniques such as incorporating live chats or using Facebook Groups may be more beneficial. You may be able to generate highly qualified leads (customers almost ready to purchase) by using other strategies to market your business. 

We’ve gathered a few expert tips to help you reach out to your target audience. Don’t forget to incorporate live chat into your marketing to stay engaged with your customers. This is where Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) excels. We have the right tools to help you generate better leads and close more sales. Talk to us to request a demo. 

Google Business Profile Messaging

Some of your responsibilities as a contractor include planning, inspecting and executing a project. However, it takes more than just successfully completing a project to grow your business. If you want to stand out from the competition, we recommend providing excellent customer service. 

Adding your phone number or email address to your website may no longer be enough for a successful business. You must have a dedicated team who would proactively engage with the customers either through live chat or Google business profile messaging.

With Google’s Business Messages, current and potential customers can directly contact you via your website, Google Business Profile or third party apps. 

If you already have a Google Business Profile, turn on your chat feature so customers can start contacting you. We recommend editing your welcome message or an automatic greeting that customers will see when they initiate a chat. If you have an FAQ page, offer this to your potential customers as well as they likely might have questions about your business. 

We recommend hiring live chat agents to ensure all messages are read and responded to. Don’t forget to set up your notifications to never miss Google messages. You can also send photos to Google Chat, an excellent tool for a contractor. You can send before and after photos to acquire more leads. 

Find New Customers With Facebook Groups

While growing a Facebook page helps you reach new audiences, adding Facebook Groups to your marketing is even better. One of its main advantages is that the users in a Facebook group actually want to be there, which means you’re (highly) likely engaging with clients who may need your service in the near future. 

While you can join a niche group, we recommend starting your own. You can have a public or a private group, but the latter is recommended. There are many spammers in a public group, which can discourage people from engaging with you or other members. With a private group, only members can see or comment on the posts. You can also post a series of questions before accepting a user to the group. This allows you to do prospecting. By asking the right questions, you’ll know if the customer may likely purchase from you. 

Create a code of conduct for your group to set the tone of the group’s behavior. Perhaps you can remind everyone not to mention your competitors. And while you can save time by letting people talk about your product or service, find time to post announcements or welcome messages to make members feel right at home. Engage with your audience as much as possible but try not to control the conversation. 

Most importantly, make sure your members can get something from joining your group. Are you offering unique content? Posting your services can be tempting, but try not to do this all the time. Instead, submit more valuable content, which includes live streams of your events, special discounts, an FAQ session (to let members ask anything about your business) and possibly an affiliate program (to help members earn more money). Consistency is the key to succeeding with Facebook Groups. Also, always include an effective call to action. 

Business Directories

Get your business listed in directories to acquire more high-quality leads. While some of these directories list all types of businesses, try using niche directories to ensure you reach out to your target audience. The common types of directories include the Yellow Pages, paid and free directories, Classifieds and real estate directories. 

Before advertising, we recommend choosing the right directory, something trustworthy, to increase better rankings. Go with a reliable directory over a paid one, as paying to be listed doesn’t guarantee your business will be more visible. 

Start with Google My Business and make sure all of your business information is updated. LinkedIn is also a good platform for B2B transactions. If you want to grow your social media following, use Facebook Business Page, which is easy to set up. 

It’s easier to find good leads with business directories because it makes your business easier to find. The good thing is that users who use a business directory are likely looking for a service. If yours is ranked higher, the chances of landing a prospect are high. Just make sure you have an effective landing page to increase conversions. 

Incentivize Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews help you build credibility. However, these reviews need to be authentic. Avoid buying reviews because consumers are smart. If they are suspicious of your 5-star reviews, they will not hesitate to purchase from another brand.

You can get good reviews by simply asking your clients (preferably those satisfied with your service) to write you one. After every successful transaction, we recommend asking them via email or phone calls, depending on your relationship with the client. 

Another way to get reviews is by incentivizing them. For example, you might want to offer them credits or gift cards if they leave you a good review on your social media pages or website. When writing the email, make sure the incentive is included in your email subject line to encourage more respondents to participate. 

Make sure the review process is also quick and fun. Perhaps you can use a social media widget or chatbot to leave reviews. Gather all your positive reviews and strategically place them on your website so that potential clients can see them. 

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Conversion rate optimization can help your website generate high-quality leads. It’s a strategy used to increase the number of visitors that completes a specific action, such as signing up for a service or a web form or purchasing a product. CRO can increase the number of leads that can potentially convert into a sale. User experience, load times and poor copy can affect your conversion rate optimization. 

If your conversion rate is lower, it’s time to optimize your entire website — from the homepage to your landing pages or pricing page. Include an enticing call to action on each page and ensure potential customers can see them. 

The Homepage must be fully optimized as it’s the first thing customers see. Ensure it’s properly formatted to retain visitors and get them to explore other pages on your site. Offer a free signup button or a free ebook detailing what you can do for your customers. You can also include a chatbot that asks questions and gives answers. 

If you have a pricing page, we recommend focusing on the benefits of each product or service. What’s in it for them? How can they benefit from you? What will they get when they sign up for your service? Be as detailed as possible and include a call to action. 

Contact Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) Today

The tips above can help you generate leads and increase your bottom line. To maximize revenue, we recommend incorporating Live Chat into your marketing efforts. You can integrate Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) into your Google Business Profile, Facebook Messenger and other apps. To see how it works, please request a demo today. 

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