Leads for Plumbers

10 Strategies to Get More Plumbing Leads

When it comes to lead generation, never put all your eggs in one basket. Paid ads may work, but that’s not the only way to acquire more clients. Using different platforms and strategies can set you up for success. Below are a few recommendations to help you get more plumbing leads. Find out how each of them works to increase your chances of better leads.

Organic Searches

You don’t have to pay for ads to get website traffic and generate revenue for your business. SEO, content marketing, social media and geo-targeting can help you get organic leads that will eventually convert to a paying customer. Don’t forget to measure your efforts to determine where traffic and sales are coming from and which marketing strategies work best.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Acquire paying customers with your Google business profile by using the right keywords for your categories and engaging with your customers. Answer customer questions as much as possible, and ensure your profile is updated. Include your phone number and email as well as your social media handles. Use the Insights feature to help you better understand how customers interact with your listing. Knowing this can help you create a better profile that will rank higher. 


Facebook provides many tools to help businesses acquire quality leads. When a prospect visits your page, a chatbot is available to respond to queries. Bots can also automatically reach out to a customer that visits your page. Set this up and include your plumbing services and a call to action. With Facebook, you can also share live plumbing repairs or installations. However, do ask the homeowner or commercial owner first for permission. As much as possible, engage with your followers by responding to or liking comments. Customers are more likely to choose you over a competitor if you’re responsive to them.


You can get high-quality leads on Instagram by using ads, crafting a good bio and adding a call to action in your profile or Instagram post. We also recommend using the right hashtags and engaging with your potential clients. Post stories about successful plumbing repairs or installations you’ve completed to entice customers to set up an appointment. Most importantly, be consistent with uploading valuable content on your page. Plumbing tips or resolutions to common plumbing problems are usually more appealing to homeowners. 

Paid Ads

Paid advertising is when you pay for a user who clicks your ad. LinkedIn, Google and Facebook offer paid ads to help businesses reach out to their target audiences. You can get quality leads by using the right keywords for your ads. Knowing how each paid ads platform operates and what type of ads you can publish are also crucial to success. Additionally, ensure you have metrics to determine if the campaign is effective.

Convert the Traffic You Get to Your Website 

Search engine optimization may improve your traffic, but how do you generate revenue from this traffic? Enhancing user experience and publishing relevant content can increase your conversion and skyrocket your sales. If you want more appointments, upload good reviews and make sure customers can see them. Better yet, add Live Chat so customers can contact you in real time. If they’re ready to make an appointment, having a live agent can help set up an appointment for a client.

Online Review

Today, consumers don’t just go online to look for a product or service. They use social media and other platforms to determine if a business is trustworthy and reliable. If you’re offering emergency plumbing repairs or major installations, your potential customers would want to know if you can actually get the job done right the first time. No one wants to hire a plumber who can’t permanently fix a plumbing leak or properly install a water heater. You can attract more customers by strategically placing positive reviews so that clients can see them. Better yet, include your testimonials in your email marketing to increase your chances of getting more appointments. 

Email Marketing

Effective email marketing can help acquire more residential and commercial clients. The key is in your email copy. To get started, you need an opt-in form to gather prospects’ information, including the email address. You can convert these prospects by sending them valuable content about plumbing. Include common plumbing problems and solutions to position yourself as an industry expert. Businesses and homeowners are likely to hire you if you can provide them with relevant content on plumbing. 

Content Marketing

YouTube makes it possible to learn about anything, including DIY plumbing. While professional plumbers don’t recommend you do repairs or installations on your own, reading an article about tips on how to make your plumbing system efficient would be helpful.

If you want to compel homeowners to make an appointment, we recommend using content marketing to position yourself as an expert in plumbing. You can do this by publishing relevant content about plumbing. Perhaps you can write about common plumbing problems homeowners encounter and how to resolve these issues. Plumbing Tips and FAQs can also benefit homeowners. 

Don’t forget to include a CTA in your post. You can ask them to sign up for your mailing list or set up an appointment with one of your plumbers. Make sure to also include a specific list of your services so residents and businesses know what you’re offering. 

Online Directories

Online directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp or Whitepages are reliable sources to get leads. They work because most people who use these directories need a service. You have a higher chance of converting this lead to a sale by making sure you have updated your business information. As much as possible, include all your contact information, including your social media handles. Most people these days use Facebook or Instagram to contact a business — use this to your advantage. 

If you change phone numbers, make sure you also update the online directories. Use as many online directories as you can to increase your chances of getting a conversion. When your prospects do contact you, offer your plumbing service and ask them to make an appointment.

Contact Blazeo (formerly ApexChat)

You can generate more revenue for your business and maximize your return on investment through SEO, content marketing and social media marketing. One must-have feature is Live Chat to ensure your customers get the answers to their queries in real time. With chat support, it’ll be easier to set up plumbing appointments. 

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