3 Ways Live Chat Captures Leads Better (According to a Customer)

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So, what makes live chat better at capturing leads than other methods?

According to one of our customers, Dr. Stephanie Krol, Vice President of Inland Real Estate School live chat provides a handful of unparalleled benefits.

Here's what she had to say.

Live Chat Services Creates a System for Managing Leads

According to Krol, live chat services aren't only providing a lead a capture tool. They have helped her business establish a system for capturing and managing leads.

“Nothing prior to Apex worked as a (lead) capture tool. . . You're the only guys who've given us a method for collecting our leads, organizing them and putting them into a CRM."

Live Chat Always Has the Perfect Timing

Live chat captures leads already coming to your site. Collecting information from a qualified lead all comes down to the timing. It's about meeting people where they are, on the channel of communication they're comfortable with in the moment.

The more that we can do, live — in the moment that they're talking to us — the quicker they're going to convert to a sale. . . People don't always want to be talked to right away, or they're just trying to get information from schools.” 

Live Chat Secures Your Brand Identity After Hours

We are not suggesting that all live chat services help your brand identity. Using automated bots can have a negative affect on your brand's authenticity. But, using a live chat service that uses real people (like us) can really step-up your ability to be authentically 'you' 24/7.

“You guys have dona great job of capturing the essence of who we are: What really sets us apart is the fact that we are actual educators."  

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