Best Law Firm Logo Ideas to Boost Your Brand

When you think of law firm logos, what do you picture in your mind?

While a common answer may be the iconic scales of justice or a judge’s gavel, law firm logos have evolved over the years to be bolder, more creative, and definitive in unique ways.

Law firms should always be evaluating how to appeal to new clients. Your law firm branding should get people’s attention through modern imagery that communicates your trustworthiness and authority in your industry.

These qualities aren’t easy to communicate, so we’re here to provide you with the best law firm logo ideas you can use to boost your brand.

How do you design a logo?

Of the logotypes we analyzed, the best picks had these qualities:

A law firm with a strong brand garners prospective clients’ trust. Often times when clients come to your law practice they are under a lot of stress. From the jump, you want to appear as a reputable, reliable and efficient legal attorney in order to get their attention. The right logo will get the job done.

You could have the best team of attorneys in the business, but if your firm can’t communicate that you are a modern, trustworthy authority then you won’t get any new business. 

It’s common practice for law firms to outsource design and branding to graphic designers that can be found on websites like 99designs, LogoGrand, ArcLogo, and PaperStreet

Before you go and hire a graphic designer, you should know the basics of what makes a logo an effective piece of branding. 

How to use colors in your legal logo

 What colors do prospects associate with your firm’s brand? The colors you choose for your logo have larger implications for your brand. 

Design by nosKILL1343

Different colors mean different things to different people. When building a brand, you need to consider the kind of colors you want to be associated with your practice. 

How does the psychology of color work?

Here are the ways that different color traits influence our emotions::

These colors play a huge role in how you are perceived amongst your peers and clients.

Source: Color Wheel Pro

How you use the colors also matters. Bold and saturated lines and subtle pastels can emphasize certain colors featured in your design.

Knowing the colors you want to use is half the battle, but you’ll be able to communicate your vision more efficiently once you know what traits you want your firm to embody.

Generic Icons Can Be Creative Too

We aren’t here to bash firms that use generic icons in their logos. There are legitimate reasons why firms use these icons: they are easily recognizable. 

Logo design by: ultrastjarna

However, the top attorney logos today focus on using creative icons, unique typography elements, modern fonts, and vibrant colors to create a brand that distinguishes the firm from its competitors.

Design by Milos Subotic
Design by JustinQ for InjuryLegal

These designs do a great job featuring imagery that’s both modern and descriptive. For example, InjuryLegal’s logo subverts the traditional scales of justice imagery to speak more directly to the firm’s practice area. 

A law firm’s attention to detail goes a long way in the eyes of clients looking to support a trustworthy brand. 

Law firms that boast creative designs that fit their brand come off as intuitive, resourceful, and authentic to potential clients.

Consider Your Practice Area

One of the best ways to be creative is by defining what practice areas your firm emphasizes in your branding. Logos in specialty law that demonstrate your firm’s legal service expertise will get people’s attention.

Consider what practice areas your firm is most known for; the more specific you get, the better the potential clients will be able to identify your firm in the future.

Source: Inbound Law Marketing
Design by Cheeky Creative
Design by MarkoBo for Divorce Packs

Whether it be personal injury, criminal defense, etc., your logo should communicate your law firm’s position to make you a trustworthy provider in your industry.

If you aren’t sure which area to highlight, consider creating a brand strategy to highlight key aspects of your firm.

Styling Your Name

Your law firm’s reputation will likely be based on your name. This means your logo should be a powerful statement that displays the name of your legal practice in a distinct and distinguished way. 

Source: Inbound Law Marketing
Source: Inbound Law Marketing
Logo design by GORKIYja

Whether you decide to combine letters with icons or use dynamic monograms, your logo should communicate what your firm represents in an effective manner.

Serif versus San Serif’s

Knowing the difference between fonts can help you narrow down the font you wish to use for your logo. The two most commonly known fonts families are Serif and San Serif. 

How can you tell whether a typeface is one of these fonts? 


A serif is a decorative stroke that finishes off the end of a letters stem (otherwise known as the “feet” of the letters.

Sans Serif

A sans serif is a font that does not have letter stems attached to the letters. 

Below is an example of the differences in fonts.

Source: Wikipedia

As you can see, the serif font has extensions on the ends while the sans serif font has cleaner more precise ends. 

History of the Fonts

To give you some context, serif fonts dates back to the 18th century when stonemasons would carve letters into rock. 

Because of this storied history, these fonts are considered to have a more traditional, established, and trustworthy presentation.

Some examples of serif fonts would be: 

Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, give off a feeling of being casual, informal, friendly, and very approachable. This means that companies who want their brands to appear more youthful and relatable tend to use sans serif fonts.

Some examples of san serif fonts would be:

The more you know about the history of certain font styles, the easier it will be implementing them into your own design.

To read more about San Serif vs. Serif fonts click here.

Try Designing Your Own Logo

Not sure where to begin? Why not experiment by designing your own logo for free!

Placeit offers an online marketplace and logo generator with a wide variety of premade logo templates for you to try. Each template is easy to edit and the collection offers a great way to find your logo design inspirations for your own law firm.

Creating a template you can use to share with other members of your team will make getting feedback on your design much easier.

Source: EnvatoTuts+

Source: EnvatoTuts+


With these design ideas, you now have the basic knowledge to move forward with a brand redesign for your law firm.