Simple Optimizations for More Effective Landing Pages

Our team understands the importance of a landing page conversion rate in driving sales and clients for your business. Everyone is competing for audience attention on the Internet, so your business landing page must be clear and memorable. Today, we'll cover some of the most important elements of your landing page. We'll also discuss how to structure your landing page and where to place information to create conversion points throughout the user's journey. Let's take a look at the most common questions that are asked when discussing conversion rate optimization.

Can Your Call to Action Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate?

We know firsthand how tricky it can be to create a call to action that leads to conversion. However, without a clear call to action, guests on your landing page won't know what to do after they've read the information you've provided. One of the most important components to increasing your landing page conversion rate is an action button. Placing an action button signals readers there's a way to immediately benefit from your product or service. 

Go Beyond a "Learn More" Button

If someone has stayed on your landing page for longer than a few minutes, it's likely they are interested in your product. Many landing pages will simply have a learn more button on their site, hoping this will lead to conversions. But adding the "learn more" button actually creates passive engagement in terms of conversion. At this point, they should already know about your business. Instead, you want guests to your site to take an active step towards paying for your services. These are a few call-to-action phrases we've seen help with conversion rate optimization:

  • Call Now
  • Sign Up
  • Book A Call
  • Try a Demo
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Buy Now
  • Join the Waitlist
  • Get Started

We've seen strong calls to action benefit businesses of all types because they provide clarity to the user and are easy to understand. Use one of these to improve your landing page conversion rate.

Ways to Make It Easier for Potential Clients or Customers to Find You

Don't make it hard for people to pay you. We've seen businesses and brands with beautiful landing pages and dynamic product descriptions lose out on conversions because they don't have contact information listed. Depending on your company setup, you may not have a business phone, but customers or clients still need a way to reach you. These are five ways you can increase conversion paths and make it easier for potential customers and clients to contact you.

Enable a "Click-to-Call" Button

Some businesses provide services immediately to customers, and in some cases, a potential customer will have additional questions that require them to speak to a company representative. Create simple conversion paths by adding a "click-to-call button" on your landing page. This way, people who access your website, especially via mobile, will have fewer steps to contact you directly. Enabling this feature can help improve conversion rate optimization.

Utilize Live Chat for 24/7 Lead Generation

24/7 live chat is an interactive way to engage with potential customers and clients who visit your landing page. It also allows you to generate leads in different time zones, ensuring you don't miss any interested parties. We suggest you work this into the user flow, having an icon that represents this feature and initiating a pop-up after they've spent a certain amount of time on your landing page. We suggest you consider integrating a chatbot to help with efficiency and reduce the need for human capital. You can program it with an FAQ and a questionnaire that can be used to collect user information. 

Add Your Social Media Handles

Customers these days want a seamless user experience. While they might be on the landing page of your website because you linked them there, they may want to connect with you on a social media application. While you don't have to use your direct message box on all platforms for marketing purposes, it's helpful you can be reached via at least one social inbox. In addition to providing an alternative communication channel, you've also opened up the possibility of gaining new followers on your social accounts. Your social accounts can then become an alternate conversion path as well.  Make sure your social account is up to date and features content that's reflective of your brand to maintain trust-

Simplify Your Site's Landing Page

Simplicity is a powerful tactic in marketing because it helps keep users focused and allows you to provide a clear picture of the problem you're solving for your customer. Overcomplicated pages can be confusing and leave potential customers overwhelmed. A seamless user experience is needed for conversion rate optimization. Try to reduce the amount of typing that needs to be done by the user and the number of steps it takes to get to the call to action. Often asking users to fill out forms can result in lower conversion due to the extra work required.

A good landing page design is required to draw in users. Most people who visit your website will be used to exceptional user flow and design, and it's one of the first ways to establish trust with a potential customer or client. To keep your page simple, make sure the name of your business is easy to find and clearly state the problem you solve. 

Ensure contact information isn't hidden, and create a call to action that gets people one step closer to purchase. We recommend using visual storytelling as much as possible to highlight your product or service so guests to your website can feel connected to your business. Organize information in clearly labeled subpages if you think your audience will want more information. While you may be tempted to add additional info, keep it simple and focus on content that supports multiple conversion points on the page.

Your website is crucial to the success of your business, and that success is measured in the landing page conversion rate. While the design is important to the user experience, it's also key to consider conversion points with clear "call-to-action" buttons or hyperlinks. We've spent years helping brands and businesses optimize their landing pages and conversion rates. Incorporate our tips into your landing page and see if you can increase your landing page conversion rate. 

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