How To Get The Most Out of Blazeo (formerly ApexChat)

Every brand should use it’s online presence to foster unique opportunities to engage with prospects. ApexChat’s goal is to help businesses do just that with messaging tools design to boost lead generation. 

The difference between a 10 percent increase in leads and a 30 percent gain may be in identifying the right messaging offerings. 

For example, a law firm that runs Facebook Messenger ads could get more out of ApexChat’s Facebook Messenger integration than a practice that doesn’t pay for advertising on the social network. 

There is no all-purpose lead generation solution. However, the innovative features we offer make it easy for businesses to pick the tools that will work best for them.

Setting up ApexChat like a pro

There are a few basics that every business should consider when signing up for ApexChat. These settings can help you quickly start generating more leads.

24/7 live chat availability

By default, our live chat agents are available 24/7 to engage with your website visitors – and that’s the way you should keep it. 

Why? Because without 24/7 web chat you’re missing out on leads. 

In fact, through an internal analysis of chats conducted on our system between Monday and Friday, we found that over 40 percent of them occur outside of business hours. That’s a lot of leads! 

Imagine what your business could do with 40 percent more leads. And all you have to do is make sure you have live chat agents available around the clock to take inbound chats.

You could hire someone to take nighttime chats, but that may be prohibitively expensive – especially when you’re a smaller-sized business. 

That’s why most of our clients have our live chat agents take chats during off hours. Even if they’re using our self-serve option (which allows you to take your own chats) these businesses often allow chats to roll over to ApexChat agents at particular times.

Window versus DOM

When it comes to chat windows you have two options: window or dom. Over time we found that one generally outperforms the other. 

But first, what’s the difference between the two?

When someone starts a window-based chat, the chat opens in a new window. However, when chat is dom-based it stays attached to the website as the prospect browses. 

We found that dom chats convert 5 percent more website visitors into leads than window chats. While this may not be true for every business, if you’re trying to decide between window and dom, the latter is a good place to start.

Live chat customization

We give our clients the flexibility to customize their invitations and scripts to match their branding and lead qualification needs. And when it comes to your live agent chat window, customization is key. 

Customizing your live chat invitation 

Another company’s branding on your live chat invitation can be confusing. Instead, it’s important to give your chat invitation branded elements that make it pop. 

Some of our clients do that by adding their brand colors to an invitation. Others add their logos or pictures of their employees to the invitation — whatever it takes to emphasize the real, human touch that comes with live chat. 

Tailoring your live chat script

Perhaps even more important than live chat invitation customization is writing the best live chat script for your business.

There’s no one-size-fits-all chat script. It has to fit your business’ lead qualification requirements. For example, a personal injury lawyer doesn’t need to know whether a prospect is a homeowner. And a plumber likely has no interest in a website visitor’s recent car accident. 

By working with ApexChat to develop your custom script you’re maximizing your qualified lead generation potential. You get the opportunity to ensure each question is designed to fit your business needs like a glove, all while prompting engaged prospects to provide contact information.

Also, don’t forget that you get chat transcripts for every chat. It can be helpful to review these to optimize your script for lead generation.

ApexChat offers numerous features to help you build a better live chat for lead generation.

ApexChat add-ons that will get you more leads

Tailoring your ApexChat service to your business is step one to maximizing your live chat lead generation potential. But there’s plenty more you can do to improve your website conversion with chat.

You choose from a number of ApexChat integrations and add ons that will further optimize your business’ ability to generate qualified leads online.

ApexChat integrations

When it comes to better lead capture capability, some of our best features are our various live chat integrations. By integrating our chat service with some of your business’ other lead generation or management platforms, you’ll streamline qualified lead capture and follow up. 


Text-to-Chat is our text messaging service for business lead generation. The benefits of text messaging for business are substantial. 

While SMS wasn’t even a “statistically significant” B2C communication channel in 2010, Flowroute explained, it has since grown into a preferred option. That’s unsurprising when you consider SMS engagement trends. In fact, 82 percent of text messages are read within five minutes!

Meanwhile, consumers only “open 1 in 4 of the emails they receive,” Flowroute found. Most people just don’t think the emails they receive are relevant to them. 

Sending texts is a different story, though. Customers interact with these messages differently than they do with emails. 

As a matter of fact, 58 percent of consumers view businesses more positively when they provide text messaging as a communication channel. That’s opposed to 47 percent of consumers who’ve stated they would react negatively if a company failed to offer SMS as a communication option. 

Live chat – CRM integration

CRM software is often the foundation of a business’ lead management strategy. One of the essential benefits of these platforms is the ability to attribute inbound leads to sources such as SMS marketing or live chat software.

ApexChat can help you make sure you’re attributing leads to chat in real-time. And there’s no need for you to figure out how to integrate a CRM – our support team can take care of that for you. 

Setting up this integration will tell you exactly how many leads are coming from live chat versus other sources. Additionally, you can determine where chats are taking place, what time they typically happen at and more! All by setting up an integration that will automatically push chat data into your CRM

Call Connect bridges the gap between chat and voice call.

Call Connect

A chat with a live agent may be enough to convince a prospect to connect with your office then and there — which is where our Call Connect feature comes into play. 

When a prospect engaged in a chat expresses a desire to connect with a business’ offices via voice call, our agents can use this feature to make it happen. 

This feature’s value is in the elimination of friction. It’s substantially easier to connect with a prospect when a live chat agent can directly transfer him or her to your office’s phones.

With the click of a button the chat operator simultaneously places calls to both the chatting prospect and your office. When both parties are on the line they’re provided a short message before our system bridges the calls together. 

Exit Popup

When all else fails and a prospect is about to leave your website, our Exit Popup feature provides one last opportunity to connect. And it works! We’ve found that Exit Popup can improve conversion rates (on websites that already include live chat) by up to 15 percent!

The exit-intent technology behind the feature detects when a particular website visitor moves his or her mouse toward their browser’s navigation bar. Once that happens the popup will appear with one final offer to chat with the prospect. 

As mentioned above, we’ve found this popup to be highly effective at converting individuals who otherwise would have left your website into leads.

Using chat to lower your cost per lead

Everything discussed above will help you get more out of ApexChat. But what does getting more out of ApexChat even mean? Ultimately, a lower cost per lead. 

When you’re generating more, qualified leads under ApexChat’s pricing model, you actually lower the cost you’re paying per lead. Use this article to find the right combination of settings and features to generate more leads for your business!