How to Resell Blazeo’s Live Agent Solution


If you’re helping your clients generate more leads or convert those leads into deals, then you know how impactful live chat can be in generating more high-quality leads. It’s why Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) has been fortunate enough to build relationships with a variety of resellers. It’s not hard to see how adding live chat to your services can help your clients capture and convert more leads. But how do you sell live chat as your own product? That’s not always as easy a question to answer. After all, most of your clients are probably asking one thing: Why should I pay even more for leads? Answering that question effectively isn’t always as simple as it sounds.We want to help break it down for our partners like you, so that next time your team faces that question they feel comfortable answering it—as well as other objections they may come across—so that they can more effectively sell a service that will help your clients generate more business. 

What is live chat and how is it different from other types of chat?

Live chat is different from what comes to mind when many people think of chat. Bots are often synonymous with chat. However, live chat—and particularly Blazeo’s live chat—is different.  It’s backed by real human beings who can bring emotional intelligence to a conversation that a chatbot cannot. This makes for a better conversation between prospect and business.In fact, chatbots can come off as downright creepy sometimes. Forty-eight percent of consumers agree “it feels creepy if the chatbot is pretending to be human,” according to Mindshare UK’s “Humanity in the Machine” report. We suspect chatbots’ inability to connect with human beings is why 71% of consumers prefer chatting with humans over bots if given the choice, according to PwC. Industry-trained chat agents are able to provide the human touch that consumers crave when chatting with businesses. The better customer experiences our agents offer mean a higher likelihood of conversion for your clients. 

So, what is a Virtual Assistant?

We don’t believe chatbots are ready to take the place of live agents just yet. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t add value to a conversation between one of our chat agents and your clients’ prospects. A Virtual Assistant can enhance the customer experience by providing a self-guided chat journey that can lead directly to the information they seek, handle the menial tasks, or supplement a live chat with a human agent. 

Why should clients pay more than they already are for leads?

This is a tricky question. It’s one you’re likely to hear and answering it properly can be tough. Ultimately, it all comes down to return on investment: If your clients are generating decent website traffic then they’re probably going to see a positive return on their investment in live chat. You can charge whatever you want if you’re reselling our live chat product. But keep in mind: How you price it will factor into how likely your clients are to generate a return on their investment. Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) uses a pay-for-performance model that helps ensure our clients attain positive ROI. At the right price, the return your client receives from a customer paying for legal services, a new remodeling job, an HVAC repair, or many other services will far outweigh what that client paid for the number of leads required to generate one conversion. We’ve found that live chat can increase website conversion rates by 40% or more. If your client is able to convert 20% of their leads into clients and normally generate 100 leads and 20 sales per month, live chat will help them net 8 additional sales monthly. Are those 8 sales worth more than whatever you would charge for 40 leads? If so, your clients are probably going to enjoy positive ROI from your chat offering. 

What is the value-added through Blazeo’s live chat service?

Ideally, you can minimize friction on the buyer journey from prospect to lead in your client’s customer relationship management platform. Or maybe you are their CRM! And you’d like to help them add more leads to it through a more seamless funnel. Live chat is the perfect tool to achieve just that: A smoother buyer journey for your clients’ prospects. Live chat customer satisfaction rate over the years according to Comm100 After all, people prefer messaging these days. Everyone communicates via text, messaging app, or social media. And that carries over to their interactions with businesses. In fact, a Comm100 report found that the customer satisfaction rate for chat was over 85% in 2020. It’s hard to go wrong with chat as long as you’re able to provide timely answers and ensure frequent availability. Website visitors who submit forms have to wait for a response. Often, the same is true of email. And it’s not always convenient to call your clients on the phone. Live chat offers instantaneous connection without having to actually get on the phone. One thing live chat buyers occasionally ask about is whether the additional option will simply cannibalize their other lead generation channels. The 40% website conversion rate increase we mentioned earlier is a net increase over those sites’ conversion rates with their existing lead generation channels. What live chat does is help ensure your business captures the information of visitors who aren’t willing to wait long for a response or call your clients at the moment. The satisfaction rate is likely so high for a live chat because it’s exactly what many of the people who start chats are looking for when they arrive on a website. Think of your clients’ websites like a bucket. The goal is to help them capture leads in the bucket. However, if your clients are missing a live chat option it’s a hole in that bucket. Prospective leads will leak right through. By providing the live chat option those visitors are looking for, you’re plugging holes in your clients’ buckets. 

How can Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) support white label partners’ selling?

You’re not alone! We’re here to help you make sure your clients understand the value of live chat. Of course, at the outset of your partnership with Blazeo (formerly ApexChat), we’ll make sure to customize your chat invitation to match that of your brand or, if it’s included in your offering, your client’s brand. Additionally, we’re available to assist you with your clients’ scripts to ensure they’re maximizing their conversion potential. But that’s just the outset of our partnership. As a white label reseller with live chat you also have access to custom flyers that highlight the value of live chat. And our sales reps can take time to walk your team through selling the service on phone calls or through live webinars. We’re here for you to make sure your clients are able to get the most out of your live chat!