How to Get More Home Improvement Leads: 3 Tips

How to Get More Home Improvement Leads

With the large number of home improvement businesses available, it’s important to make yours stand out as much as possible. Attracting customers is one thing, but getting their business is another. Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) has services that can help. You don't have to rely on gimmicks, beg people for their projects or lower your prices to unsustainable levels. Instead, you can get more home improvement leads using methods that are genuine and beneficial for you, your home improvement business and your customers. Let your home improvement company and the positive reviews of satisfied customers speak for itself.

Get Creative on Social Media Platforms

Chances are your home improvement business has one or more pages or profiles on different social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Use them to announce offers or deals, to inform new and existing customers about services and to post holiday messages as a friendly way to connect with clients. However, you shouldn't post on social media only when you have something specific to say about your home improvement business. Use it as a way to better connect with the public.

Getting creative on social media platforms can help you attract new clients. Be proactive instead of waiting for potential customers to come across your company through an internet search or via word-of-mouth. Social media is full of people who need home improvement assistance and are looking for recommendations, and that’s where you come in.

Join social media groups and pages where you can promote your business in a subtle way. Many towns, counties and regions have social media groups or pages that allow locals to find out about local happenings and companies. It’s also where people ask for advice and where commenters recommend businesses they've used and approve of.

If someone in the area posts they need a service — say, having their basement finished, installing an epoxy floor in the garage or creating a patio in their backyard — that’s where you can chime in and let them know you offer that service. Avoid immediately quoting a price. Instead, let them know you'll be happy to provide an estimate once you get more details about the project. Comment with your contact info, but also let the poster know you'll send them a direct message, so they can keep an eye out for it. This initiates an interaction so the customer won't accidentally forget to contact you and you lose out on a potential project. 

You can also promote your home improvement business on social media by giving back to residents within your community. Let’s say someone posts their mother with cancer lives in the same town as your business and needs help with replacing a broken window. Typically, this project might net you upwards of $1,000, between the window itself and labor costs. However, you might use this as an opportunity to spread kindness and offer your services for free. Others in the community who learn of your gesture might be more inspired to consider your services in the future. 

Some towns, regions and counties may also host advertising pages where businesses can post about grand openings, new customer deals, new services and holiday specials. Join these pages, but don’t over-post to the point where you get kicked out of the group, and don't spam readers with irrelevant information so prospective customers ignore what you have to say. Everything you post should be strategic to your business, be of interest to readers and have a strategic purpose.

Don't Just Drive Customers to Your Website 

It’s great to get customers to your website, but do you know how to turn them into paying clients? When customers visit the website of a home improvement business, there’s a good chance they already need a particular service, and they’re stressed about it. If your website causes them additional stress, they can easily click away from your site to seek out the services of a competing business. But when your website offers helpful information in a user-friendly format, you encourage them to make an appointment. 

Make it easy for customers to schedule an appointment. A Contact Us page with your email address and phone number is key. Our 24/7 Live Chat service and our AI Smart Scheduler both make it simple to generate home improvement leads and for new and existing customers to set immediate appointments. Your office doesn’t even need to be open for your work calendar to fill up with emergency and non-emergency customer home improvement requests. 

Post any deals or guarantees you offer right on your landing page. Don’t make customers work to find compelling information that could encourage them to set an appointment. For example, are you offering a holiday special, a discount for new customers or a 100% service guarantee? All that information should be easily visible on your landing page, preferably toward the top so it's one of the first things visitors see. 

Prioritize Reviews and Word-of-Mouth Testimonials

You can interact and post all you want on social media about how great your home improvement business is, but if the reviews and word-of-mouth testimonials aren’t there to back you up, it won't do you much good. Potential customers check out online reviews, and they likely won't give their hard-earned money to a business haunted by bad reviews from previous clients. 

Excellent word-of-mouth testimonials are also important. It takes seconds for a previous client to say your business is great and the home improvement services you offer are fantastic and worth every penny, but these testimonials could end up leading to a significant amount of new business.

When you provide top-notch home improvement assistance and excellent customer service, you inspire clients to contact you again for future help or to recommend you to friends and family. They're also likely to leave a positive review and say good things about you to those looking for recommendations for a home improvement business.

If a client leaves a negative review about your home improvement services, make sure you stay professional in your response. Take responsibility if you discover their claim is legitimate. Sometimes the mere act of a business owner responding negatively can be more off-putting than the original, unfavorable feedback. Potential customers know not every negative review is accurate or genuine, and the response of the business owner can make a big difference.

Call Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) for Assistance Generating Home Improvement Leads

Call us if you want help turning potential customers into home improvement leads and satisfied customers, or request a demo today! Let’s discuss our services and what they can do for your website and business. 

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