Exit Intent Popups: What They Are & How to Use Them

There's nothing worse than attracting quality leads to your page only to have users abandon it within seconds. While efforts to encourage people to visit your website are important, you can't neglect the user journey once visitors arrive on your page. You can improve lead generation, deter people from leaving your page and convert leads into sales with exit intent pop-ups. These are programmed to register when a visitor is about to leave your site and give you another chance to collect important data. Here's what you need to know. 

What Are Exit Intent Pop-ups?

You may have encountered an exit pop-up, if you visited a website and received a pop-up message just as you were about to leave.

People typically spend less than a minute on a website, and consumers are making up their minds quicker than ever. This is why it's crucial to have a strong strategy in place to encourage them to stay. 

Exit intent pop-ups encourage users to remain on your page with the hopes they'll convert. Even if they don't, exit intent pop-ups help capture visitors through extra reading, email subscriptions and more.

Exit intent pop-ups work by showcasing a message on a user's screen when they're about to leave. Exit pop-ups work to draw that user back to the website. While this feature has similar effects to a traditional pop-up advertisement, it's much less invasive and focused on gaining valuable data. 

These messages are designed to add value to a user's experience. By adding value to customers' journeys, they're more likely to remain on your page and even lead to a sale.

How Do You Use Them?

You may spend lots of time and money on an airtight marketing strategy that attracts visitors to your page. Once they arrive on your website, they start to browse your products and you think you've finally cracked the code — until they start abandoning your page. 

When you're looking to attract potential customers, your marketing strategy needs to include ways to keep new users engaged and interested. If you don't have something like exit intent pop-ups on your page, you could be missing out on a simple and effective method of generating conversions. 

Exit intent pop-ups can work in various ways depending on what you're looking to achieve. Lots of them are triggered by a user moving their cursor away from the website. But unlike traditional pop-up ads that are seen as irritating and annoying, exit intent pop-ups entice users to stay through attractive prompts, such as discount codes or other engaging CTAs. 

Benefits of Exit Intent Pop-ups

The good news is that when a user sees a pop-up that adds value, they're more likely to click it than abandon your website. This can lead to longer engagement with your site, giving you another opportunity to convert that customer. Customized messages allow you to ask probing questions that may address their concerns. You also might offer a discount code to prevent that person from shopping around or abandoning their cart.

Aside from increasing conversion rates for brands and businesses, exit intent pop-ups also have the following benefits:

  • Email address retention: When you choose to work with Blazeo (formerly ApexChat), you can gather up to 40-50% more email addresses than you would with a normal web form.
  • Increased desktop conversions: Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) customers saw a 25% increase in desktop conversions when using your specially targeted exit pop-up. 
  • Impressed customers: Users want to work with companies focusing on customized marketing strategies tailored to each individual. With exit pop-up ads, you can add value while being more personal than ever before. 

Guidelines to Ensure They Don’t Negatively Impact User Experience

Just like with every other aspect involved in marketing, your approach needs to be transparent, genuine and impressive. If you bombard users with exit pop-up ads that don't add value or are just plain annoying, you're more likely to lose potential customers than gain them. That's why it's important to stick to our guidelines to ensure you positively impact the overall user experience. 

The most important thing to remember is that users browse the internet at higher speeds than ever before. They quickly hop between tabs and are unlikely to remain on a website for longer than a minute — so you have to act fast. 

When one of your visitors sees a pop-up ad, it's essential that it adds value. While you may be proud of certain information pertaining to your business, think about how a customer would respond to this information. If it doesn't improve their life or save them money, it's best to keep that information on your website while you create an enticing and engaging call to action. 

Lots of companies see great success in exit intent pop-ups that provide customers with a small discount code, provided they enroll in their subscription program. This is a great way to improve email capture while also benefiting the customer.

Other companies like to provide customers with offers within a set time frame. For example, if you share a pop-up that says the customer gets 20% off if they purchase in the next 10 minutes, they're less likely to shop around other websites and find a similar product for cheaper, preventing abandoned carts and leading to increased orders.

Exit intent pop-ups are generally aesthetically pleasing to look at and are designed not to overwhelm. Without flashy colors, Blazeo's exit intent pop-ups are used to engage customers without harsh displays.

Leveraging Exit Intent Pop-ups for More Conversions

If you're looking to prevent customers from abandoning your website, you should try BlazeoChat's Exit Pop-Up feature to find out how we can help keep your customers on your website for longer. Designed to collect lead information, increase sales and reduce website abandonment, exit intent pop-ups could be just the thing you need to solidify your marketing efforts. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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