Boulton Law Group on Switching from Ngage Live Chat to Blazeo

Like many law firms, Boulton Law Group uses live chat to generate more leads for the firm. However, after hearing from several attorneys it became clear to the law firm that they should explore a new provider: Blazeo (formerly ApexChat).

“After talking to the staff at Apex, it immediately became clear that we needed to give them a try. Everyone was extremely kind and informative. Additionally, we feel they truly are interested in our ideas and growing our leads.”

Live chat for law firms is an obvious choice; when it comes to lead generation it works! But what led Boulton Law Group to explore Blazeo (formerly ApexChat)? Ngage chat, their previous provider, performed as expected when it came to the chats. However, the PI firm ran into numerous other issues with the live chat provider.

“We used Ngage live chat for approximately 6 months. Overall, the service performed as it should, however, there were multiple instances of billing problems in the beginning and we felt the dashboard made it a bit more difficult to request credits, etc.”

These issues were enough to convince Boulton to take a look at Blazeo (formerly ApexChat). Other attorneys and legal marketers who had used the service for years had good things to say about the live chat provider. After connecting with their customer service team and exploring their website, it became apparent that Boulton had to give Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) a try.

Boulton Law Group switched to Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) after numerous attorneys suggested the chat software and service.

“We were directed to Apex by a number of fellow attorneys. We had also located them in an online search we performed while looking for alternative chat providers. In addition to continually hearing good things about Apex, their cost per lead was extremely competitive.”

While the law firm had heard good things about Blazeo (formerly ApexChat), it was the onboarding process that really sold them on the live chat provider. By going “above and beyond” in assisting with the transition, Blazeo’s customer service team was able to make a real impression.

“They made themselves available! As simple as it sounds, it can often be very difficult to make contact with a live person at a large company. There were multiple people at Apex who were involved with our transition and each of them were highly responsive and always asking what else they could do to help.”

It was ultimately that responsiveness and willingness to work with Boulton to fix any issues that won the law firm over. By providing such an excellent onboarding experience Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) was able to convince them that they were entering a fruitful relationship.

“The cost per lead was the immediate advantage, however, Apex has also been quick to offer us a variety of options regarding chat capture and capabilities. It is our hope that they continue to provide us with the same level of customer service. At present, we can’t imagine this not being a long-term partnership!”