Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) vs. Smith.AI Live Chat Comparison

Compare features to see whether Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) or Smith.AI Live Chat is the best option to help your business capture more qualified leads. 

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Blazeo (formerly ApexChat): The Best Alternative to Smith.AI

Blazeo’s professional live chat agents have over 12 years of experience capturing and converting qualified leads through our live chat software. We only ask our clients to pay for qualified leads.

Other chat providers, like Smith.AI, charge per chat. That means they’re able to offer chat at what looks like a lower price point. However, the cost adds up rapidly as unqualified chatters, bots and blank chats jack up your bill.

If your goal is to optimize your conversion rates and maximize live chat spend, then Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) is the best chat service for you.



ApexChat vs. Smith.AI Feature Comparison

  ApexChat Smith.AI
Free Trial    
Base Pricing    
Setup Fee    
Real-time Spanish Translation    



ApexChat vs. Smith.AI Capabilities

Staffed by live agents 24/7    
Lead Qualification    
New Client Intake    
Chat Operator Rollover    
Canned Responses    
CRM Integration    
Custom Branding    
Text Answering    
Client Portal    

Pricing Model Comparison

Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) uses a pay-for-performance model to guarantee that our customers get direct value from our service. We only bill for the leads you can take immediate action on—not just any old chat.

Smith.AI’s pay-per-chat model charges you for every interaction, every month. That means you pay for chats that you can’t follow up on. We work with you to customize your plan to fit your business live chat needs. The cost of our services will vary depending on your needs.

Our pricing plan is the most consistent way to get more qualified leads, maximize your conversion rates, and increase your revenue for your business at an affordable price.

Categorizing Leads

A qualified lead is someone who starts a chat, provides their name and contact information (phone number and/or email address), and shows interest in a product/service you provide. Additionally,  they must be within your geographic service area.

Any chats that don’t fit this qualification are sent to you free of charge. That way, you can still capitalize on the other leads if they’re valuable for your business. We gladly take every chat, including service requests, and send you the transcript free of charge.

SMS Text-to-Chat vs. Text Answering


Did you know that 64% of consumers think positively of companies that offer texting on their websites?

Our SMS Text-to-Chat feature allows prospects to text with our agents via your mobile website. Both Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) and have text messaging capabilities (Smith.AI calls this Text Answering).

However, you may not want to add this valuable communication channel with Smith.AI, as their text answering feature offers limited features outside of texting.

English-Spanish Chat Capability

Blazeo’s live chat service is constantly researching and developing new ways to connect with prospective visitors. Our team of chat agents is able to chat fully in English & Spanish to ensure you don’t miss out on potential leads that visit your website.

Smith.AI’s platform only offers English-Spanish translations of chats, which doesn’t allow you to connect with prospective leads as effectively.

Self Service/Chat Operator Rollover 

Our chat agents are available 24/7, but you can also choose to take chats yourself. If you’re not available, inbound chats will rollover to an agent standing by to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable customers.

Smith.AI doesn’t have a rollover option, so you can’t engage them immediately like you can with our live chat service.

Exit Popup Feature


Our Exit Popup feature reduces site abandonment by recognizing when a visitor is about to leave. This gives you an extra opportunity to collect lead information before visitors leave your site.

Smith.AI doesn’t have a comparable feature dedicated to generating more qualified leads via your website.

Call Connect

What if a prospect decides they’re ready to speak with your business right now?

Our Call Connect feature allows our chat agents the ability to connect qualified prospects directly to your office phone from the chat window. 

Product Overview

We Integrate With Your Preferred Software

Contacts and chat transcripts are delivered directly to your CRM software of choice. Check out our integrations page to see more.

Don’t see your platform? Contact us and we’ll work with you!

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