Blazeo’s Feature Spotlight: The Chat Interceptor

Our Chat Interceptor functionality provides enhanced tracking capability to identify more information about the leads we generate for you on your website. 

What is the Chat Interceptor?

The Chat Interceptor is a small piece of code that’s added to your website to get unique tracking data about your website chat visitors.

This feature is executed before a chat starts, and only gets additional data that are not already stored or recorded in our system. Additional data could refer to a tracking cookie or a unique visitor ID of those who visited your website.

What is this feature used for?

The Chat Interceptor gives you additional information about your visitors, whether that’s from an ad campaign, unique id, or a cookie. 

This feature is largely used by digital marketers that want to evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns or to understand if their SEO improvements have increased organic leads.

Unique cookie data and/or UTM parameters may be captured from a live chat session and carried over. 

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of this feature is more in-depth data tracking capabilities. 

As an example, say you wanted to know how a lead that visited your website found your business. 

The Chat Interceptor will allow you to use the UTK value with your CRM’s tracking parameters to see which ad the lead came from, as well as the landing page they visited. 

It’s important to note that the above example works only if your CRM provides UTK values.

Can customers with other CRM’s pass cookies?

Customers with other CRM’s can pass cookies, but most CRMs don’t offer UTK value tracking. Other CRM’s usually require you to send specific tracking information (landing page, referrer, search engine, etc) as data fields to them.

An alternative option would be to create a unique ID that you generated on Google Analytics to match your lead with a data point.

The Chat Interceptor also has the ability to see traffic data directly within the lead email. With this information, you can see the source, medium, and campaign without having to go to your analytics platform. 

Can the Chat Interceptor track PPC Ad Campaign clicks?

Yes, the Chat Interceptor can extract PPC ad campaign values that are usually in the URL (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, gclid, mscklid, etc.) We can extract those values in the Chat Interceptor and send them back in the lead email.

Does the Chat Interceptor slow down our website page load speeds?

No. The chat interceptor code is a small piece of code that is almost always negligible. That being said, any additional code added to a webpage will slow it down because there’s more to process on the webpage.

How do I install this feature?

The Chat Interceptor code is typically written and installed by customers as every customer may have a unique requirement. Our Tech Support team will provide assistance if needed. Please reach out to your account manager for more information on this feature.  

How do I sign up?

Good question! If you aren’t currently a customer and would like to try live chat on your website you can request a free demo now.

If you are currently a customer and would like to get this feature please reach out to your account manager.

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