A Word to Our Customers on COVID-19

At Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) we care deeply about our customers and the clients & matters they represent. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted our daily lives as we know them, and you’re likely in the midst of important considerations about next steps and the safety of those you serve.

This new threat requires that we consider the community at large, not just ourselves. We prevail together by being accountable to one another and for each of those who are vulnerable. Small contributions from each of us can benefit countless numbers of others that we may never know.

Today we’re sharing what we’re doing to ensure your live chat operations continue running smoothly.

How Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) is Handling COVID-19

Reduced Travel

Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) is taking proactive steps to reduce travel within our company, effective immediately. While we may still need to make in-person visits from time to time, we are taking precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and those visited. We have also encouraged employees to follow suit in regards to personal travel and carefully follow all CDC travel restrictions and advice.

Team Members Working Remotely

As of March 13, Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) is requiring all employees to work remotely as a proactive measure to prevent potential spreading of COVID-19. We’re carefully monitoring the situation and will continue the remote work policy as long as needed.

Increased Cleanliness for Our Offices

Even though offices are closed to all non-essential personnel, Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) has also increased office cleanliness to prevent further exposure for our team. This includes increased cleaning frequency and even more sanitization availability.

Evaluating and Monitoring the Situation

Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) teams have been closely monitoring and evaluating information and instructions from the CDC and WHO. Our top priority is the health and well-being of our customers and employees. We are prepared to continue service to our customers and care for our employees as we work remotely and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Business as Usual with our Live Chat Services

Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) will continue to provide the best service possible to customers. As remote work becomes more and more necessary, now is the time to lean on Blazeo. We empower businesses in many industries to better serve their clients. Working on the cloud is more important than ever as we seek to mitigate virus exposure to those most at risk.. Our mission is serving you, our customers, in the best way possible at all times.

How You Can Use Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) to Reduce Risk

Communicate Without Being In-Person

If you’re not seeing clients in person you can still keep in constant communication with them through features offered by Blazeo (formerly ApexChat). Website visitors can still reach out to your business using live chat on your website. This way your business can continue converting traffic into leads.

Keep Your Businesses Lights on 24/7

Even during a pandemic, customers will still want to interact with your business. We’ll engage customers on your behalf while you sort out other pressing needs for your business during this time.

Customize Your Chat Experience

We realize that a number of our customer’s day-to-day operations will likely change as a result of COVID-19. We’ll work with you to customize your live chat experience on your site. 


Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) will continue to empower your business to provide the best possible service to their clients as we closely monitor the COVID-19 situation. 

Please contact us at [email protected] for any additional questions.

Thank you. – The Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) Team