7 Reasons to Use Vehicle Branding to Generate Local Leads

Wrap marketing (also known as vehicle branding) is a popular style of local search advertising for many small businesses. 

The exposure that the moving advertisement brings to small businesses makes this ad type a popular lead generation choice for businesses with a local target audience.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider vehicle branding as a local lead generation channel for your business.

1. Vehicle Branding Can Get More Impressions Than Other Ads

While online advertising and email marketing are powerful tools that all businesses can utilize, sometimes a more traditional approach is needed in order to reach your target market.

Vehicle branding has the potential to get thousands of impressions a day depending on the amount of time you drive in the area. 

Branded vehicles can generate more than 3,000 potential customers per hour in some areas, according to multinational signage provider 3M.

For local businesses, you can be certain that most of the people viewing your ads are living in the local area you operate in. The more vehicles you have out on the road, the more likely people will see your brand. 

2. Vehicle Wrap Campaigns Can Be Easily Measured Over Time

If you can’t properly track where your leads are coming from in your marketing campaigns, you might as well be tossing money into a fire. 

Tracking Your Wrap Campaign

Time-sensitive wraps also allow you to track leads easier from specific marketing campaigns you are running. 

Say you have a specific discount code or URL to a unique landing page on your website. 

Anyone that uses those codes or links will show up in your tracking analytics. From there you can generate a conversion rate on lead’s from your wrap campaign to better estimate whether the local SEO campaign is generating any ROI. 

If you aren’t sure how to properly measure ROI for marketing campaigns, check out our guide here.

Utilize Your Website For Tracking

How exactly can you track whether your vehicle branding campaign is generating quality local leads for your business? Make your website your main source of contact for your business.

Most prospects look up businesses online before seeking out their services. If your website isn’t properly optimized for users to find and interact with, you’re losing out on valuable local leads.

Here’s a brief checklist of items you should have updated online before starting your vehicle branding campaigns:

Branding a vehicle can be affordable

3. The Cost of Vehicle Branding is Relatively Affordable

In order to justify a marketing purchase, you need to do market research on the costs and competitors within your industry. 

Before you start your marketing campaign, ask yourself these questions:

All vehicle wraps are different, but you can expect a custom wrap to be anywhere between $2,500 and $5,500+ depending on the design and size of your vehicle. 

The more you invest in a professional design the more trustworthy your brand appears to local residents.

A few things to consider when analyzing your competitors’ vehicle wraps: 

The added benefit of this method of marketing is the cost in the long run for your business. Oftentimes the price per impression (PPI) will be less than other modern online marketing tactics like paid keyword advertising and social media marketing.

4. Vehicle Advertising Helps Establish Your Brand Locally

Did you just start your new business and aren’t sure how to make a name for yourself? 

Car-wrap advertising can help you establish yourself in your local area as a cheaper alternative to paid online advertising. 

Your vehicle is your billboard to prospective customers. Establish a brand strategy for your van, truck or car. You need to choose the proper vehicle and design to represent your brand message. 

Create a Memorable Design

Every image, color, typeface and any other element you use should send the right brand message to your target audience. 

Local residents are your primary target for your business. The more exposure your brand gets by driving around, the better the chance residents start using your services.

A professional wrap design on your vehicle makes you look trustworthy to potential customers.

“Professionally designed vehicle signage makes your business look credible and trustworthy, makes your vehicle stand out against any competitors without signage, and acts as a mobile advertising billboard,” Matt Green, graphic designer at Flamo Graphic Design, explained. 

5. Vehicle Wraps Increase Your Brands Recognition

An easily recognizable brand is very important for building trust in your community. So how do you know if your signage is effective? 

Try to condense your message into a sentence or two on a piece of paper. When the design is ready to be processed, read back the sentences you wrote and see if the design is conveying the same message. 

Remember that your vehicle wrap design should build your brand identity. It’s important that your wrap design conveys your brand message. 

Easily customize your vehicle wrap

6. Vehicle Wraps Are Easy To Customize

One of the great benefits of vehicle wraps is their customizability for any kind of promotion you want to do for your business. Want to run a holiday special or time-limited offer? Vehicle wraps have got you covered.

Adding a custom wrap to your vehicles for a limited period of time shows you are always improving and modernizing your business to customers wants and needs. 

Since wraps aren’t meant to last forever, you can experiment with your budget and see what signage works best for your company. Have fun with it! 

7. Wraps Add Extra Value to Your Vehicles

Buying vehicles for your company is a serious investment, so why not get extra value by placing ads on the vehicles you already own?

Successful business people are always looking for ways to maximize their existing assets to turn a bigger profit. 

If your ads eventually bring in new customers, you’ve built value out of the investment and improved your business in the process.

The longer you wait to begin your wrap campaign, the more potential revenue you miss out on in the long run.

So Why Should You Invest in Car Wrap Advertising?

Car wrap advertising should be considered by any business that owns a company vehicle to provide their services.

Any time you drive without a vehicle wrap you are missing out on potential customers and valuable brand exposure in your local area.

Vehicle wraps can be customized to fit any promotion and the costs can be cheaper in the long run than paying for online advertising.

For ideas on how you can wrap your service vehicle, check out this page for some professional examples.