5 Ways to Leverage AI to Scale Your Business

Many people are nervous about incorporating artificial intelligence, or AI, into their business, thinking it might eliminate person-to-person contact and destroy the human element. However, when used properly, AI can have a great effect on your business and its profits, while you continue to make sure that personal touch is still present in other ways throughout your company. 

Take Advantage of Smarter Marketing Automation

Think about all you and your team have to do every day for your business. Taking advantage of certain forms of marketing automation can make it easier for your employees to interact with your current and potential customers without an actual person having to initiate every single interaction. As much as you adore and appreciate your customers, there are only so many hours in a day to get everything done.

Let’s use a birthday email as an example. As busy as your employees are, do you think they have time to write out individual birthday emails to every person on the company customer newsletter list? A marketing automation birthday email lets your business reach out to birthday-celebrating customers every day with a celebratory greeting and a special gift, such as a discount on a future order. AI can get the task done in seconds instead of having it be a multi-hour task done by one person. 

It works for other marketing automation options as well, such as requesting via email customers leave a genuine review after they’ve made a purchase or sending thank you emails for signing up for your company’s newsletter. It’s a way to engage with your customers while also opening up time and the opportunity to stay connected in more meaningful ways, like in-person events.

Utilize AI Scheduling to Save Time

Let’s talk about how time-consuming phone calls can be, especially when you’re trying to set an initial appointment or reschedule one with a client. It’s absolutely nothing against the customer at all, but more about the length of the entire process as a whole. The issue is when you have so many customers you need to reach out to, it can become overwhelming and time-consuming to make sure you meet the needs of each one. Here’s where AI comes in. 

Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) has a service called Smart Scheduler that combines live chat, AI, and text messaging to set or reschedule appointments with current or prospective customers without your in-office staff having to do anything. 

Say a customer leaves a message at your work at 8 p.m. on a Friday, and you’re not in the office until Monday morning. That message sits there for almost 3 days before an in-office staff member gets back to the client. However, with Blazeo’s (formerly ApexChat) Smart Scheduler, a prospective client can reach out to your business for an appointment via live chat at 8 p.m. on a Friday, interact with the AI bot via text message once the live chat finishes and receive an available appointment that’s ideal for their schedule. There’s no waiting customer, no hassle and no in-office staff having to return the message and set an appointment days later.

Perform Audience Research With Ease

Nowadays, there’s no excuse for not doing audience research and getting excellent data for your business to see what’s working and what isn’t. Even something as seemingly simple as having the data about what emails most resonated with consumers can be beneficial. It’s surprisingly simple to do the research you need to get the data you want that can help your business and its customers. 

An overall data comparison can tell you what methods you might want to consider using more often, where you might want to scale back and/or make changes and what to leave alone because it’s working perfectly as it is. Don’t get overwhelmed with the idea of data collection. It’s easy to read and navigate once you know what exactly you’re looking at and how it relates to your business and your customers individually and as a whole. 

Explore an AI-powered CRM

Three of the biggest benefits of using AI-powered CRM are that it decreases the potential risk of human error, makes various tasks much quicker than if they were human-powered and allows staff to use their valuable time for other tasks that are best left to a human touch. 

Humans all make mistakes at some point, but that doesn’t exactly mean you welcome them or are happy about them, especially serious unintentional ones. Using certain forms of AI-powered CRM can help decrease the chances of potential mistakes, such as forgetting to send out important emails that were supposed to go out hours ago.

Additionally, being human doesn’t mean you’re superhuman. There are only 24 hours in a day to get things done, and much less if you’re just considering work hours. Letting AI handle certain tasks in the CRM process frees up time for humans to do other important tasks that need to get done and be able to have more of a work/life balance.

You can explore AI-powered CRM without any long-term commitment. Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) doesn’t lock you into undesirable long-term contracts that seem impossible to get out of, essentially holding you and your business hostage. If AI-powered CRM isn’t for you, you can always cancel. Another option is to contact the Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) team to see if there’s an alternative you might feel is a better fit for you and your business. We’re here to help relieve stress, not to cause it. 

Leverage Sentiment Analysis to Analyze Customer Interactions With Your Business

Sentiment analysis can be pretty telling about how customers feel about your business and its services. Essentially, it provides companies with a broad overview of how individuals are talking about them everywhere, from Twitter posts to product review sites. Technology interprets the tone and language to determine whether the statements are positive, neutral or negative, giving businesses a better way to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. 

For example, let’s say a particular restaurant is noticing more customers are complaining about wait times or rude staff. This is a trend no business wants for the obvious reason that it could have a negative impact on how many people — especially new customers — come into the establishment. Once the restaurant learns about this pattern of issues, it can make the appropriate corrections. It’s a way to turn constructive criticism into something positive while also taking accountability for things that may not be going so well. 

Contact Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) About Scaling Your Business With AI

We completely understand if you’re still unsure that using AI is right for your business. However, if you’re curious about the prospects, contact Blazeo (formerly ApexChat), and we can discuss what AI options we offer that may be ideal for your busy business. There’s no commitment. Our team is simply here to let you know what your options are and how we can help you boost your business and its profits, while still maintaining that personalized experience you, your team and your customers have grown to appreciate.

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